How could television programs be improved?

Watch TV over WiFi: We'll show you how

Everyone knows it: the dispute over the remote control. Dad wants to watch Formula 1, the daughter DSDS, mom the thriller in the second and the son his favorite series. The challenge: the only TV connection is in the living room. Those days are over. Today you can watch TV via cable and WLAN - this can even be done in parallel and in every room in your home.

TV with WiFi: the smart TV

Smart TV sets are now available from almost all manufacturers. You can connect these televisions to the WiFi network and you have access to live streams, media libraries and apps from TV streaming services:

  1. Go to “Network Settings” in the menu of the Smart TV and then to “Search for a connection”.
  2. Now select your WLAN - done.
Tip: Make sure that the signal strength of your wireless network is strong enough. If the network is overloaded, the transmission can stall.

TV reception and streaming via cable

  • If you stream a lot, watch TV on the internet, or have multiple people online, you need a fast internet connection. If several people in your household use the Internet heavily at the same time (e.g. for streaming), it is worthwhile to connect your television to the router using a LAN cable. This ensures you a stable, interference-free connection to your router.
  • So that you can watch your films and series smoothly at any time, PŸURund stable cable offers you Internet up to 1,000 Mbit / s - also in a package with HDTV. You can find the packages for Internet, telephone & TV here.

TV reception: apps and streaming sticks

When watching TV via WiFi, you can receive the TV program directly from your provider or via apps. So you can watch live TV anywhere at home or on the go.advanceTV from PŸUR comes with an app that allows you to use TV on multiple devices at home. You can do this via your laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone. This not only gives you access to the TV program, but also to the video library at the same time.

Of course, you can also book paid streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. However, these cost around ten to twelve euros per month in addition to your internet contract. tip: Maxdome is available free of charge for all HDTV tariffs from PŸUR! You can also test the HDTV tariffs for three months free of charge. What are you waiting for?

If you do not have a television with WLAN reception, there is, for example, the option of using a streaming stick such as “Chromecast” from Google. This is connected to the TV via HDMI. The Chromecast stick also supports the transfer of TV programs from the PC or laptop to the television.

Watch TV via WiFi on your tablet and watch TV on your mobile phone

Watch TV comfortably in bed or in the hammock - that works! With a WLAN connection, you can access the TV program at any time with your smartphone or tablet. One option - in addition to your provider's TV apps - is to mirror the TV screen.

This is how television works on Android

  1. Activate this function on your smart TV via the settings and start the share function on your mobile phone or tablet.
  2. Now confirm the connection request and your devices are already paired.

You can also access the TV program via the streaming stick. This is connected to your television via HDMI. Then connect your tablet or smartphone to the TV set using the Google Home app.

This is how television works on iOS

Watching TV via WiFi is made easy for you here: an Apple TV app is already preinstalled on your Apple device (iPad, iPhone or Apple TV). This gives you access to films, series and videos. For live TV you need an additional TV app. The advantage: You can start a film or video on one device and finish it on another.

Watching TV on your mobile phone or from your mobile phone: streaming from your mobile phone to your TV is also possible with Apple. The easiest way to mirror the cell phone screen is via Apple TV. A small set-top box from Apple is connected to the television using an HDMI cable.