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Create promotional video: 3 online video editors in a practical test

Create promotional video is becoming more and more important in marketing. Around 100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook every day and Mark Zuckerberg has already announced that videos will dominate the platform for the next year. So it is not surprising that the battle cry "Video is King!" is becoming more and more popular in marketing. Therefore, entrepreneurs who have not yet benefited from the trend should now think about creating their own promotional videos at the latest. I extensively tested the top three video editors Promo, InVideo, and WeVideo to see what a video editor can do.

5 advantages of promotional videos

Let's start with the benefits of promotional videos:

  1. Videos can convey more information than pictures
  2. Videos are more emotional than pictures
  3. Videos have greater engagement than pictures
  4. Videos are perfect for storytelling
  5. Videos are perfect for retargeting (e.g. people who have watched the video for at least 5 seconds)

The cost of a promotional video

When there are so many benefits, why aren't more entrepreneurs using video? The problem is the cost. The creation of video content is anything but cheap. You can save money by writing the video script yourself, but then you'll still have to pay for the cameraman, equipment, and post-production. A short promotional video that is professionally produced can easily cost a few thousand euros. It gets even more expensive with an agency. This is not a problem for medium-sized companies and corporations, but solo entrepreneurs and start-ups will struggle with such a sum. That is why they are often limited to advertisements with graphics, as these are easier to produce. However, this wastes a good advertising opportunity.

The solution to the problem could be the use of professional stock video. The quality of stock videos has risen dramatically in recent years, but they are still often underestimated. With a good video editor, you can customize the stock videos with music, texts and effects and thereby create effective promotional videos. You should tell a story. The classic is to present the solution to a problem in a promotional video. It should be clear why your solution is best suited to solve the problem.

An example of a promotional video

A good promotional video manages to emotionally package a comparatively dry topic such as video software. A good example is Promo's promotional video:

When you've seen the video, you want to get started right away and create your own promotional video. That's definitely how it was for me.

Optimization with the A / B test

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have the great advantage that you can test very precisely how effective your advertising videos are. A small business can't afford to spend $ 3,000 on a promotional video and then realize that it doesn't resonate with the target audience. I speak from experience. For my first company I produced a professional promotional video that no one was interested in. A better strategy is to produce lots of cheap promotional videos and test which videos do the best.

This is not a problem with a video editor like Promo, as you can scale the production of promotional videos cheaply. Not only can you create multiple promotional videos for each product, you can also create suitable promotional videos for the individual target groups. With A / B tests you can continuously optimize the videos (length, format, text, music, video clips, CTA, etc.). The Facebook ad manager offers an extremely wide range of options in this regard.

Three promotional video providers in the test

I tested the three leading video editors to find out which video editor is the best in terms of operation and functionality. I created sample videos for the two providers Promo and InVideo.

The promo video editor

Promo is the most famous video editor. The start-up from Israel is an official partner of YouTube and was named the best B2B product by Product Hunt in 2018. You can either create your own templates with the editor or use the more than 2500 ready-made templates. In addition to their own videos, more than 15 million stock videos are available. Due to partnerships with Getty Images and Shutterstock, the quality of the videos is very high.

Create promotional video with promo

With Promo's video editor, you can create a promotional video in four steps:

Step 1: The first thing I did was choose a video template. The templates can be filtered by industry. There are also additional templates for current holidays and events. If you don't have an idea for a promotional video yet, you can let the templates inspire you. I decided on a template in which four young people work together on one laptop. The video is relatively short and consists of three clips. There are horizontal, vertical and square format options for the different advertising platforms. Up to five stock videos can be lined up to create a longer promotional video.

Tip: The square format is best for Facebook because it takes up the most space in the feed.

Step 2: Then I pasted the text. There are many different styles for the text. I went for the Criss Cross style and adjusted the background color to match the LSWW branding. The size and position of the text field can be easily changed using drag-and-drop.

Tip: Don't use too much text in the promotional video.

Step 3: Then I designed the outro. The outro offers a good opportunity to insert the logo and the call-to-action. The call-to-action in my video prompts you to join the LSWW community.

Tip: Every promotional video should end with a clear call-to-action.

Step 4: In the last step you can choose a suitable song from the library. You can filter the songs by genre, mood, tempo and instrument. For my video, I stuck to the suggestion from the template.

Tip: The choice of music is extremely important to convey the right mood in the promotional video.

The result you can marvel at:

I really like the minimalist design of the video editor and it only took me a few minutes to create the video. It makes sense to create several promotional videos for a campaign in order to analyze the performance of the individual promotional videos with A / B tests. This allows you to concentrate on the top performers and make optimal use of the advertising budget.

In the example, it is relatively easy to see from the models that this is a stock video. However, this differs from topic to topic. The videos of food and landscapes make it harder to tell that they are stock videos. This is also clear in the next example.

The stock videos can also be mixed with your own videos and photos to increase the authenticity of the promotional video. The editor can also only be used for your own video material.

An example from Happy Coffee

Christian uses Promo to create promotional videos for Happy Coffee. Here is an example that shows very well how your own product photos can be used for the promotional video:


As you can see, Promo has three tariffs:

  1. Basic: 29 € per month (annual rate) 39 € can be canceled per month
  2. Standard: 59 € per month (annual rate) 89 € can be canceled per month
  3. Pro: € 219 per month (annual rate), € 319 can be canceled per month

The basic tariff includes 12 premium videos per year, the standard tariff includes 100 premium videos and the pro tariff includes 240 premium videos per year. This means that a premium promotional video with the Basic Plan costs 29 €. In addition, unlimited promotional videos can be created with standard stock videos for all tariffs.


Here is a tutorial for promo in case you want to take a closer look.

The InVideo video editor

Another popular video tool is InVideo. This is a start-up from San Francisco with more than 100,000 customers in 150 countries. The video editor is similar to the editor from Promo. The editor doesn't look quite as modern as Promo's editor, but the functionality is the same. I didn't notice a significant feature that I missed on my test. But on the contrary. InVideo recently even introduced an autocorrect for the text graphics. If a text is not easy to read due to the color or the brief display, a suggestion for improvement appears automatically in the editor.

I created the following video using the InVideo Editor:


InVideo has a very clear pricing. There are only two plans:

  1. Business: $ 10 monthly (annual rate) $ 20 monthly cancelable
  2. Unlimited: $ 30 monthly (annual plan) $ 60 monthly cancelable

When it comes to pricing, it is noticeable that the annual tariff only costs half and is therefore very cheap. The business tariff is limited to the use of 300 premium photos and videos per month. In addition, the number of HD videos is limited to 60 per month. In contrast, the unlimited tariff is unlimited, as the name suggests.


Here is a tutorial for InVideo in case you want to take a closer look.

Promo vs. InVideo

Promo and InVideo have a comparable functionality. Promo's video editor is a little more modern and easier to use, and there is a wider range of stock videos to choose from. That's why Promo is a bit ahead for me. However, InVideo is almost as good and much cheaper, especially with an annual plan.

Both Promo and InVideo are reminiscent of the Canva graphics program. It has recently become possible to edit videos with Canva, but the functionality is severely limited. It remains to be seen whether Canva will develop a serious video editor in the future.

Reading tip:

The WeVideo video editor

Another video tool is WeVideo. This is another start-up from California. The first thing I noticed during the test was that the stock videos were not displayed in the free plan. As a result, there is no way of assessing the quality and scope of the stock videos and you have to buy a pig in a poke. In addition, the functionality of the WeVideo free plan is severely limited. It is not possible to insert text into the videos, which makes the tool more or less useless. In contrast, with Promo and InVideo you can create unlimited videos with the free plan and only the downloading of the finished promotional videos is limited. That is a much better solution.

I still uploaded my own video to test the remaining features of WeVideo. I noticed that the design is out of date (see screenshot) and the functionality of the video editor cannot keep up with Promo and InVideo. This can be attributed to the fact that WeVideo was originally developed for the education sector and not for making promotional videos.

WeVideo has two cheaper plans than Promo and InVideo, but these affordable plans don't include stock videos and very little music. The two more expensive plans, Professional and Business, include unlimited use of the WeVideo Essentials. This is a comprehensive library with 1,000,000 videos, images and audio files. The two tariffs could be interesting for users who want to create a large number of promotional videos and only need a few functions.


WeVideo has four plans:

  1. Power: $ 5 per month (annual plan), $ 10 per month can be canceled
  2. Unlimited: $ 8 monthly (annual plan) $ 16 monthly cancelable
  3. Professional: $ 18 monthly (annual plan) $ 36 monthly cancelable
  4. Business: $ 30 monthly (annual rate) $ 60 monthly cancelable


Here's a tutorial for WeVideo in case you want to take a closer look at it.

Create a promotional video for free

The alternative to the video tools presented here is to use free programs such as iMovie and Windows Movie Maker. While these programs are very extensive, they are not specifically designed for creating promotional videos. This becomes clear, for example, when inserting texts. Text can be inserted with iMovie, but the text templates don't look particularly professional:

There is also the option of creating stylish text graphics with an external program such as Canva and inserting these text graphics into iMovie. However, you can save yourself this tinkering with a paid video tool like Promo. Not only does Promo give you access to a large collection of stock videos, but you also have a video editor designed for creating promotional videos.

My conclusion

With the video tools presented, the production costs drop enormously, which means that even small businesses and start-ups with a low budget are able to create advertising videos. This allows them to benefit from the trend towards video. A video editor is a good introduction to video marketing because the costs are low and the videos can be adapted at any time without any problems. If you have developed a better understanding of the Facebook ad manager, video editing and the target group, then you are also better prepared to have your own videos produced. I have generally found that it is best to understand a process yourself before outsourcing it.

In the case of commercials with stock videos, there is a risk that they can appear arbitrary. Therefore, clichés like the dancing coworker in the office should be avoided in my opinion. Promo offers a huge selection of 15 million video clips, so this shouldn't be a problem. In addition, the authenticity can be increased by adding your own photos and videos. In the e-commerce sector, for example, product photos can be used as a supplement.

Promo is the best video editor in my opinion, closely followed by InVideo. Both programs impress with their intuitive operation and a large selection of high-quality video templates. I was able to create compelling promotional videos in minutes with both tools. However, WeVideo didn't convince me because of the limited functionality.

Here you can try out Promo's video editor for yourself.

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