How much is Diane Keaton worth

Is actress Diane Keaton going to be an influencer at 73?

Over-staged photos are omnipresent due to the fashion weeks currently taking place. This is exactly why the fashionable gimmicks by actress Diane Keaton on Instagram are a breath of fresh air.

The fashion weeks are currently in full swing again and some Instagram feeds are filled with crazy street style pictures as well as the latest trends for the coming autumn.

It's been a good ten years since the phenomenon of the fashion blogger, who became an “influencer” thanks to Instagram, began. Semi-professional mobile phone pictures on the street or in one's own home were in line with the standard at the time. Today, when the currency «likes» indicates the success and market value of an account, such amateur photos are no longer imaginable. Above all, a picture has to be one thing: «instagrammable» - which, with cynical overtones, can also be translated as «remote from life».

"Today's outfit"

The American actress Diane Keaton is now bringing a breath of fresh air to the exalted and, above all, very young blogger scene. The 73-year-old recently started posting pictures of her outfits on her Instagram account and labeling them, as fashion bloggers do, with “Today's Outfit” or “What to Wear?”. The photos are refreshingly natural and are reminiscent of the early career of the Italian Chiara Ferragni, who is one of the most successful influencers worldwide today.

Hats and suits as trademarks

Diane Keaton, who became world famous with films like “The Godfather” and “Annie Hall”, shaped the current trends such as “Tomboy” or “genderfluid” in the seventies: suits, big hats and glasses became her trademark.

Up to 73,000 likes for an outfit

The Instagram community seems to be enjoying Keaton's newfound fashion blogger stint. Your outfit photos generate up to 73,000 likes with around 487,000 followers. In comparison: The German influencer Caro Daur has 1.8 million followers and receives around 30,000 likes for an outfit picture. Whether Keaton really has new professional ambitions or not: We like their normal and not too perfectly staged fashion gimmicks.