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Quiz: Around the world in eleven questions

Is the world your home? Then put your knowledge of eleven interesting travel destinations to the test

We start the world tour in the largest country in the European Union in terms of area. Which one is meant?

What is the average life expectancy in "Bella Italia"?

We are now in the country with the highest standard of living, i.e. personal prosperity, in the world. Which are we talking about?

After almost 20 years of banning, the country we are in has resumed whaling. Which country is it?

What is the name of the longest river that flows through China?

Which of the following countries is not a neighbor of India?

The journey will continue in a country that roughly corresponds to Germany in terms of area, but has significantly more inhabitants ...

What proportion of the world's remaining wilderness areas is Canada?

What is the meaning behind the country name of Cuba?

Once in Egypt, we want to see the largest of the approximately 80 pyramids. Which city do we have to travel to?

The end of our world tour is home to more than 300 mammals, over 500 species of birds, hundreds of reptiles and the so-called "Big Five". Where are we?

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