Who is the best online physics teacher

Online physics tutors and homework assistance

Physics is the science that deals with substance, radiation and energy. For some, this topic is easy to understand and for others, a real nightmare. In this case, remote tutoring via live video call is a solution. Physics tutors at TheONE give tutoring whenever it suits you or your child. They speak your language fluently because they subscribe to TheONE from all over the world and you pay by the minute as long as the class lasts.

Physics tutors are passionate about their job and are happy to pass on their knowledge. They take into account the pace of their students' learning and make sure you understand the subject. They help prepare for an exam or understand a difficult chapter. You can contact the physics tutors of any age on TheONE.

The benefits of tuition in physics at a distance via TheONE?

  • Tutorials where and when and from whoever you want
  • Classes last as long or as short as you want
  • Short questions are answered directly
  • Distance learning via live video call
  • Pay per minute
  • 1-on-1 instructions
  • Affordable for everyone

How do you find a physics tutor on TheONE?

Physics teachers from all over the world are registered on TheONE. Search the physics and immediately find the tutor that suits you. Each teacher has a profile with their specializations and indicates the price per minute. You will also see reviews from previous students. You can send a message or call directly through the live video connection. The first minute is free, so you can be sure that you have the right tutor on the phone.

Thanks to screen sharing, the student can see the tutor's screen or vice versa.

The advantages of the TheONE expert app

Thanks to the TheONE expert app, you always have your own tutor in your pocket. If you have a question, you can contact them directly and if they don't answer your call, you can send them a callback request. The tutor will call you back as soon as he has time. Since there are always a large number of teachers online, you can also call another physics tutor if your own private tutor is unavailable for a while. That way you have instant answers to all of your questions.

Register today and discover how a difficult topic can be made easy with the help of a physics tutor.