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Weather (ots) - Parting in a partnership is always uncomfortable, in many cases even painful. Regardless of this, partnerships are getting shorter and shorter, every third marriage is divorced. But what exactly comes next? A large number of just separated people take a short breath, because with the separation not only the partnership disappears, but also the disputes and the restrictions that had been embodied in the relationship. However, the relieving feeling of independence rarely lasts. Because without the trusted partner by your side, feelings of emptiness and loss arise immediately. Often times, people who have just separated even experience a minor revival of being in love with a little distance. Was the separation really essential? Could the partnership have deserved another chance? Just how do you get the ex back? (

Separation pain is a common emotion

Such a separation generally leaves a gap. Because the previous partner has had plenty of space in life, emotionally, but very often also quite useful. Depending on how intimate the partnership was, it could be the case that with a separation, the closest confidante, the ideal buddy or the companion in life who has taken care of many everyday practical matters, from childcare to joint income, has been lost. Enduring this gap is what many people see as extraordinarily excruciating. To suppress such unsettling feelings of being lost or overwhelmed certainly does not lead out of the emotional dilemma.

Sensations of loss must be taken very seriously and mourned. This alone allows the separation to be managed in order to create space for something new. Likewise, if you want the ex again, you should allow yourself time and rest for a period of processing. Because winning back your former partner also means entering into a new relationship with him without repeating previous mistakes. This will only work if the previous relationship and its conclusion have been consciously perceived and processed. If someone still wants to wake up the relationship again, there is a very good chance of winning back their former partner.

Does it make sense to want to recapture the ex?

If someone wants to get their ex back, the first thing to ask is what exactly led to the breakup. If violence or deep breaches of trust were involved, it is by no means recommended to re-establish the connection. Often, however, the reasons for a separation are only a lack of communication. Many couples lose the feeling of closeness and familiarity for an in and for themselves positive reason: They forget to talk to each other out of fear of arguments. In every relationship there are friction points for which suitable solutions and compromises have to be found. But some couples do not have solution strategies to deal with said normal disagreements in a constructive way.

Anyone who tacitly accepts facts with which they are absolutely uncomfortable begins to play a role in their partnership. Such rigid role models prevent real solidarity and give the individual partners the feeling that they are only functionaries in the relationship. The point at which we realize this is when we bring partnerships to an end. People who equate lack of communication with a lack of love are wrong. Even couples who have already separated are able to find love again, in the event that they start honest communication again - or maybe even finally get started.

Tactics and romance have nothing to do with contradiction

Repairing a broken partnership almost never works out of a needy and injured position. Likewise, ordering a "partner return spell" or anything else on the Internet only speaks of desperation. It is more appropriate to make use of the know-how of positive psychology and to proceed in a well thought-out way. Because strategy and romance are certainly not mutually exclusive. Wanting to win back the ex-partner with calculation only testifies to life experience and the desire for a constructive new beginning.

If you feel uncertain about the right approach, you can get help in coaching programs that are based on psychological knowledge. The EFZ strategy is a coaching program that supports and empathizes the emotional steps newly separated go through after the separation and how it can work to convince the former partner to resume the relationship. By ending emotional blockages and adopting a positive mindset, users of the EFZ strategy can influence their behavior in such a way that they appear attractive and lovable again to their ex-partner. Because in the end the positive and loving feelings were already there - they just have to be awakened and animated again.

The 4 phases of separation and a new beginning

The EFZ strategy divides into four phases that each partner goes through after a separation. In the pessimistic stage, negative emotions and thoughts dominate, the ex is "a red rag". In the neutral stage, negative feelings are still present, but they weaken and lead to the positive phase, in which negative feelings and experiences render themselves harmless and turn into a positive basic attitude. As the very last phase of the recapture, separated partners go through the love phase, in which the prospect of a restart according to the program is 95 percent. It is in this phase that the release of oxytocin, which is regarded as the "binding hormone", is greatest. Anyone who now adapts their behavior to the needs of their former partner with the EFZ strategy therefore has the best opportunities to start again. Additional information is available here.

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