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Alexander Bay

How can I reach the phone note in Lotus Notes faster?

This tip will help you to create new documents in Lotus Notes at any time with a click of the mouse, without having to switch to specific applications or menus.

This solution applies to

- Lotus Notes 8.0 Basic
- Lotus Notes 8.0 Standard
- Lotus Notes 8.5 Basic
- Lotus Notes 8.5 standard
- Lotus Notes 9.0 Basic
- Lotus Notes 9.0 Standard

Open your inbox and select the menu "Compose \ Special \ Phone Message":

Hold down the mouse button and drag the "Telephone Message" window tab into the bookmark bar:

In Lotus Notes 8 / 8.5 Standard click with the right mouse button on the window tab and select the entry "Create bookmark ..." and then "- Bookmarks bar -":

Additional tip: If you click on the bookmark with the right mouse button, you can "Change bookmark symbol" and then select a suitable symbol, for example "Link - Mobile":

In the future, you can create the phone note by clicking on the new bookmark.

This option is also available for all other applications, such as "New Mail", "New Calendar Entry", "New Contact", "New Journal Entry", etc.

Additional tip: You can always create a new mail in Lotus Notes using the key combination [Ctrl] + [M].