Can someone participate in a TEDxGateway

 What does TEDxYouth goes digital mean?

In order to bring TEDxYouth into the digital world, we have created our own live stream platform. During the three-hour free online festival on May 15, 2020 from 4:45 p.m., relevant topics of our time will be dealt with on three floors.

The TEDxMünchen team broadcasts live from their own “corona-compliant” TV studio (Das Corvatsch) in Munich, with connections to national speakers and experts. In parallel open digital discussion rooms, the two floors, there will be discussion rounds with the speakers and experts, in which the audience can participate via chat.


How can I be there as a participant?

The entire program will be available on May 15, 2020 from 4:45 pm on the event platform with your personal access code. You only need one of the free tickets from our ticket shop

You can also find our live stream on the TEDxMünchen YouTube channel.

Following the main program, there will not only be an after-show party with a live DJ session, but also a Q&A session with some of our speakers and experts, which will be supervised and moderated by us live.

Under the hashtag #tedxyouthmuenchen, we will also discuss and moderate the current events on Facebook and Instagram.


Is there a fee to participate or do I need a ticket?

Participation is free, but you need a ticket to register on the event platform (ticket shop at Your order number given in the ticket is used as your individual password.

The program will be freely accessible to everyone on YouTube, but active participation through live chat is not possible here.


What channels and formats are there?

The entire program - live TEDxTalks, music acts and discussion groups - is broadcast on the platform. There are three channels in total - the Main Stage, Floor 1 and Floor 2. The main stage, such as the talks and live music, takes place on the Main Stage. We switch to the floors for the interactive panel discussions with our speakers and experts.

The program will be broadcast live on the TEDxMünchen YouTube channel. However, only two of the total of four discussion rounds, as two of them take place in parallel.

The after-show party with our DJ live set will be broadcast on the main stage. For the Q&A session, simply click on the corresponding link on our site and our moderator will bring you to the session.


Under which hashtags can I find TEDxYouth @ Munich?

Under the hashtag #tedxyouthmuenchen, we are discussing and moderating the ongoing events on Facebook and Instagram and we look forward to exchanging ideas with you here too!

We would also be happy if you showed us where and how you participate in our event with selfies posted with #tedxyouthmuenchen. We print out all pictures live in our studio and bring the community into the house. After our festival we will collect all photos in a small gallery on and give our wonderful (digital) community such a face.


Where can I find the program?

You can find a detailed overview of the TEDxYouth @ Munich 2020 program on the landing page of


What are the discussion boards?

Following the TEDx talks by our speakers, we will meet with other experts on the two other floors in order to dive into an exciting moderated discussion on one of the four major topics.


How can I take part in the discussion panels?

On the event platform, you have the opportunity in the respective channel to direct questions to our speakers via chat. Our network editors will then put selected questions on your behalf to the discussion group. The questions are selected based on relevance and context.


How can I participate in the Q&A sessions following the main program?

The discussion room for our Q&A sessions is offered via Zoom's webinar function. Here, participants without registration have the opportunity to direct questions to our speakers via chat or through permission to speak given by our hosts.

  • If you don't want to create an account with Zoom, please follow the link to the Q&A session. You can then refuse to install the app and continue with "click here". Then just enter your name and email address, agree to Zoom's privacy policy and participate. Your email address and name will not be saved. The settings in our Zoom admin area allow participation without registration. Registration without an app is not possible using a mobile phone (smartphone).

  • If you already have a Zoom account and are logged in with it, your access data will no longer be requested when you enter the Q&A session.

  • Download the Zoom app and enter your name and email address to start the Q&A session. By entering the session you agree to be visible there with your previously entered name.

  • You can download the Zoom desktop app here:

  • You can leave the session at any time. To do this, click on the corresponding button at the bottom of the screen.

  • Please note: the number of participants in the Q&A session at Zoom is limited to 500 people.


How can I ask a question in the Q&A session?

  • If you take part in the Q&A session via Zoom and want to ask a question, you can use the virtual show of hands. To do this, please click on the "Raise your hand" symbol, which will then appear as a blue symbol next to your name. You can find this "raise hand symbol" in the menu bar in the lower part of the screen.

  • Our moderator takes your turn by unmuting you. As soon as you have asked a question, we deactivate the "raise hand symbol" again. If you should have another question, please use the symbol again.

  • You also have the opportunity to ask your question in writing using the chat function. Please enter your question in the chat window at the bottom of the screen. Our moderator then passes this on to the discussion group.

  • Note: As a viewer, you enter the Q&A session without picture or sound. Only after your show of hands can our moderators give you permission to speak. The camera image is not used.


Why and how do we use Zoom for TEDxYouth @ Munich 2020?

Zoom is currently the most mature and stable tool on the market that has been used for virtual conferences with several thousand participants, not just since the Corona crisis.


What other technical possibilities, tools and platforms do we use and why?

We would like to make TEDxYouth @ Munich in digital format as easy, barrier-free and effective as possible for our speakers as well as for our community. That's why we decided against an all-in-one solution and developed a modular system of tools and technical options together with a great team.

For the live connection to our speakers and experts, our video team works with its own online conference system, through which up to eight speakers can be dialed in and linked together.

We use a self-written website as software and manually integrate the streams and live broadcasts there.

Videos are recorded in advance and live in our studio in Munich.

Both the pre-productions and the live broadcasts are implemented “Corona-compliant” in strict compliance with all necessary safety, hygiene and health regulations.


Can I watch the content anywhere after May 15th?

Sure, of course! The entire program will then be available on our YouTube channel and excerpts on our website In addition, the talks and discussion panels are uploaded to TED as usual and can then be viewed on the TEDx YouTube channel a few weeks later.


Last but definitely not least: Our Code of Conduct 

Like the TED organization itself, TEDxMünchen stands for diversity in an open society. It goes without saying that no one is disadvantaged on the basis of age, gender, appearance, sexual orientation, physical or mental impairment, skin color, origin or religion.

We ask you to actively support us so that this openness in all its facets is also reflected in the discussions in the digital world. Speak, respect others like yourself and contribute to a pleasant discussion climate for everyone - in the chats on our event platform, in the social media sphere as well as in your comments and posts on blogs and websites.

We practice a level-headed, moderate approach to our counterparts and we want our community to do the same. We do not tolerate hatred, defamation, intimidation, threats, condescending comments or acts of this kind and we will take decisive action against them! Therefore, please behave responsibly and de-escalate on all platforms before a conflict occurs.

Please help so that everyone feels safe in our digital rooms and do not hesitate to contact us from the TEDxMünchen team and our discussion hosts and moderators if you need help or support. We will reprimand interferers and reserve the right, in extreme cases, to refer or block them from the live chats and digital discussion rooms. Should someone feel wrongly accused or hostile to something, we would like to ask them to contact us as well and we will try to clarify the matter and arbitrate it together.


Do you still have any questions? You can reach us at any time via [email protected]