Can I ask an unknown girl out on a date

Can I invite a stranger to a date? - This is how the first contact works

A strange girl caught your attention? Now you would love to invite the beautiful stranger on a date, but you are not sure whether (and how) you should address the girl. Overcome yourself - it's not that difficult at all.

A girl you don't know piqued your interest? Talk to them. After you have started a conversation with the stranger, you should already see what your chances are. If everything goes well, there is nothing to prevent you from asking her out on a date.

Approach a strange girl - this is how you can proceed

Of course, you shouldn't take the stranger out on a date right away. First of all, it is important that you start the conversation. All you need is confidence.

  • Be brave - don't just let the beautiful stranger disappear like that. Show interest and speak to them. Sure, it always takes a bit of effort to speak to a stranger, but you can only win. And who knows - maybe this girl is the woman of your life.
  • What exactly you can say depends in large part on the situation. For example, if you see the strange beauty in a supermarket, you could ask her advice. Tell her that you would like to cook for friends or family today and are not sure what to offer. Ask the girl if she can give you a tip.
  • You can invite a strange girl in a street cafĂ© for a drink without hesitation. Ask if you can sit with her. Tell her that you had a really stressful day and that you would be happy to relax for a moment (in good company). If you don't think so and can't think of anything at all, ask for the time or directions. It is important that you speak to them.

Inviting a stranger on a date - you should avoid that

Don't fall in with the door right away.

  • A strange girl is sure to be happy about compliments, but you shouldn't attack her with them right away. Always choose a safe way to start the conversation. Talk about trivial and simple things.
  • How great you think the stranger, if everything goes well, you can tell her better at a later point in time. If you notice during the conversation that the beautiful stranger is showing interest in you, you can now invite her on a date.
  • Avoid clumsy pick-up lines - experience has shown that they really don't go down well with any woman. Try to talk to the girl as you do to your friends: Normally - without pretending to be. After all, the stranger should be interested in you and not in the role you (possibly) play for her.
  • Do not keep talking to the chosen one. Show her that you care about you - let her have their say and be sure to listen carefully. Feel free to ask her a question or two - but please don't be too personal. And: don't question them. If she has something to say to you, she will do it all by herself in due course.

Remember: you only have one chance if you speak to the person you like - otherwise they will disappear from your life without a word.

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