Should the government be involved in the marriage

Before entering into the marriage, the couple should be asked whether there have been any changes in their actual circumstances regarding the marriage requirements since the registration of the marriage and whether they want to determine a married name.

The marriage should be carried out in a dignified form corresponding to the importance of the marriage. Groomsmen are no longer compulsory under German law, but can still be involved.

The wedding ceremony takes place at a (prescribed) place dedicated to this by the competent authority (registry office).

The lawful marriage requires h the legal capacity (especially the natural legal capacity and marital capacity) of the couple, which is checked by the registrar / the registry office. The declarations of the couple that they want to enter into marriage must be recorded in writing by the registrar following the marriage. The record must contain all the information to be notarized in the marriage register. It must be signed by the spouse, the witnesses and the registrar.

A marriage is also considered concluded if the couple have declared that they want to marry each other.

The marriage is concluded when the couple declaring in person and in front of the registrar at the same time that they want to marry each other.

As part of the marriage, you have the option of choosing the right according to which your future name will be based. Depending on the German or foreign law you have chosen, you have the option of choosing a married name and you can choose a name accompanying the married name.