How is a revision needed for the NDA

Blocking note (declaration of confidentiality) for the bachelor thesis

If you write your bachelor thesis as a student in a company, a blocking note in the bachelor thesis is a compulsory part of the scientific thesis. Since you work with confidential company data as part of your thesis, such a blocking notice is necessary in the bachelor thesis. It is understandable that a company does not want unauthorized persons, e.g. B. Competitors can see sensitive data. The blocking notice of a bachelor thesis is usually valid for a certain period of time and prohibits the dissemination of the scientific work during a certain period of time, which is called the blocking period.

How long is the blocking period for a bachelor thesis?

A blocking period for the thesis can last three or five years. This often depends on the company and the topic. One may not make one's own work accessible to third parties during this time without the express permission of the company. After the blocking period has expired, you as the author can dispose of the work and publish it.

For whom does the blocking notice of a bachelor thesis apply?

The blocking notice of a bachelor thesis does not apply to the reviewers and individual members of the examination board. Often all those involved, like the author of the thesis, have to sign a confidentiality agreement that is valid for the period of the blocking period (e.g. five years). With such a declaration, all parties involved guarantee that they will not pass on any internal company data to unauthorized third parties. If, for example, you are a student writing your bachelor's thesis as part of a dual study program or working as a student trainee, your employment contract will already contain a clause on confidentiality. As a result, you are unlikely to be presented with a second NDA.

Templates for the blocking notice

The blocking notice of a bachelor thesis is usually informal. A blocking notice serves as an indication that an unauthorized person has no access to this work. Here are a few examples that you are welcome to use. These formulations contain all the information that a blocking notice of a bachelor thesis requires. The note belongs as the second page between the cover sheet and the table of contents.

Blocking note template 1

Simple but comprehensive blocking notice

Blocking note template 2

Short and very popular

Blocking note template 3

Very popular with engineers

Blocking notice template in English

The choice of words is important here

Is it possible to publish a bachelor thesis with a blocking notice?

As a rule, a bachelor thesis with a blocking notice can only be published after the blocking period has expired. Sometimes it is necessary for another person to read the thesis. This is usually possible after consultation with the company and the signing of a confidentiality agreement by this person.

It becomes more difficult if a bachelor thesis with a blocking notice is to be published as a PDF file on your own homepage or as a book within the blocking period. In this case, the writer must remove all company confidential and sensitive data at work. This includes all information and data that allow conclusions to be drawn about the company. Such a revision of a bachelor thesis with a blocking notice means an effort for the author, and the informative value of the scientific work is often reduced. If you are planning to revise your bachelor thesis with a blocking notice for publication, you should definitely discuss this with the company in advance.