Where can I inject testosterone

Testosterone injection only required every three months

Compared to testosterone-containing tablets and other injectable preparations, there are fewer fluctuations in the hormone level with the new testosterone undecanoate preparation (Nebido®), as Professor Hermann Behre from Halle has reported. The injectable testosterone ester was developed from an oral preparation and is intended to further simplify hormone therapy.

Men with testosterone deficiency and hypogonadism are given the first two injections six weeks apart. One ampoule of testosterone undecanoate contains four milliliters of solution for injection, which is injected very slowly and intramuscularly. The injection is not very painful and is also well tolerated locally. The third and all subsequent injections are given every twelve weeks.

"The testosterone level should be in the lower normal range before the next injection, otherwise the injection intervals will be shortened or extended by up to two weeks," said Behre at an event organized by Jenapharm in Weimar.

According to him, the greatest advantage of the substance is: "Even after 13 injections, we still measured physiological testosterone levels". The hormone ester does not seem to accumulate. This has also been confirmed in long-term studies. In a study of 40 men with hypogonadism, gonadotropin concentrations also normalized. Bone density increased six percent in one year.

Prostate volume, PSA value and haematological parameters remained in the normal range in the long term, but should be checked regularly, recommended Behre. Under this premise, a switch from short-acting androgen-containing tablets, patches or gel preparations is also possible at any time. If you are switching from an injection preparation to the new formulation, the testosterone level should be determined beforehand.