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This is how you make your hot tub winterproof outdoors

In order to maintain the technology of your outdoor whirlpool in the long term, safe and damage-free wintering is essential. One Outdoor whirlpool winterproof in just a few steps, more on this in the following article.


Tips on how to get your outdoor hot tub through the winter

The whirlpool is easy to hibernate because the device does a lot by itself. There are two ways to optimally overwinter a whirlpool, the first is very simple: "Continue to use the whirlpool as normal, under the starry sky and light snowfall it can be very idyllic with water at 36 degrees".

If you do not want to or cannot use the whirlpool, proceed as follows to overwinter the outdoor whirlpool:

  • Clean or change the filter
  • Put the hot tub in Eco mode
  • Do a shock disinfection (ask your advisor for details)
  • Close the cover and clips
  • Make sure the hot tub is always connected to power
  • The whirlpool automatically ensures water maintenance and frost protection

What do I do with my inflatable hot tub in winter?

When you buy an inflatable hot tub, maintenance and weather resistance, among other things, are different from pools made from materials like acrylic. The manufacturer provides precise information on outdoor use. In inflatable pools, the insulation usually lasts up to a temperature of around five degrees. Regardless of whether it is a cold summer, autumn or winter day. Accordingly, the time of year does not determine whether an inflatable is available Outdoor whirlpool winterproof or cold / frost resistant, but the weather.

But just because the temperatures are dropping doesn't mean you have to let the air out of the pool. Simply relocate the spa. After all, it is not only easy to relax in the garden. It is also a wonderful retreat in the winter garden or on the well-protected balcony. Or how about a wellness oasis with a sauna in the basement?

If the whirlpool (winterproof) is in the heated interior, the temperature of the pool heater, which heats the water, can be set low. Because the heating in the house should give off enough heat so that you can enjoy a relaxing time in the inflatable whirlpool.


Outdoor whirlpool operation in winter: what you need to consider

Two points are relevant for maintaining the spa (including the inflatable whirlpool) in winter: Is the pool being used or not? Especially when snow and ice determine the season, the pool water should have a certain warm degree (if you are at home). The background is that cold and frost can damage the hot tub. It can then be particularly critical for the nozzles, pumps and heating.

Whether the whirlpool is winter-proof ultimately depends on the insulation. Many manufacturer brands such as Jacuzzi or Balboa already integrate weather-resistant requirements into the production of the outdoor whirlpool models. Inflatable whirlpools are also taken into account.

Exciting outdoor whirlpools at Arrigato

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