How is cricket played

Cricket: this is how the game works

Almost like Brennball - only more complicated: This is how cricket works

The Cricket World Cup is taking place in England and Wales these days. Thanks to its great popularity in populous countries such as India and Pakistan, cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. But how does it work?

Playing time

Usually two innings are played. This is over when the throwing team (bowling side) has thrown all balls or has taken all opposing batsmen out of play. An inning, in turn, consists of a number of overs that have been agreed in advance. An over consists of six validly thrown balls. In international matches, 50 overs are played per inning - a maximum of 300 validly thrown balls. A game lasts several hours.


Only the batting side can score. You can do this in two ways: If the batting batsman (striker) hits the ball, he and the batsman (non-striker) opposite him run back and forth on the pitch. There is a point for every completed length, called a "run" in cricket. Similar to the burning ball, the striker must be in a marked zone before the opposing team can throw the ball there. Otherwise he was eliminated.


The bowler is the thrower. He throws the ball towards the batsman with a touchdown and tries to destroy the wicket or force the batsman to make a mistake.


Two batsmen face each other on the pitch, with only one defending the wicket and trying to hit the ball thrown by the bowler. If this succeeds, the batsmen can collect runs.


He stands behind the batsman and tries to catch the ball thrown by the bowler or badly hit by the batsman. Otherwise, the fielder toss him the ball so he can destroy the wicket.


Nine outfield players try to catch the ball hit by the batsman straight out of the air. If that succeeds, the batsman is out. If the playground equipment touches the ground, the fielder must convey the ball to the wicketkeeper to stop the batsmen's runs.

Boundary rope

A rope that serves as the boundary of the playing field. If the ball hit by the batsman flies over the rope without touching the ground, it's worth six runs. If the ball leaves the field with a touchdown, four points are awarded.


The wicket is a wooden structure consisting of three stumps and two crossbars (bails). If one of the two wickets is destroyed with the ball by the throwing team while one of the batsmen is not with at least one part of the body behind the hitting line, he or she is eliminated.


Information about the World Cup

  • Location: England and Wales
  • Time: May 30th to July 14th
  • Participants: Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Pakistan, England, Sri Lanka, India, South Africa, Afghanistan, West Indies (English-speaking Caribbean countries)
  • Mode: In the preliminary round everyone plays against everyone once, the four best teams reach the semi-finals.
  • World titles: 5 Australia, 2 India, 2 West Indies, 1 Pakistan, 1 Sri Lanka.

Note: You can see how cricket works in this video.