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"Self-promoter and liars" : Trump etches against former Corona advisors Fauci and Birx

Ex-US President Donald Trump violently attacked two of his former corona advisors after they were critical of his approach to the pandemic. Trump published a lengthy statement on Monday evening (local time) in which he violently attacked the prominent immunologist Anthony Fauci and the doctor Deborah Birx. Both were members of the White House's Corona Working Group during Trump's tenure. Fauci is also now a senior corona advisor to the new President Joe Biden.

Trump described Fauci and Birx as "two self-promoters trying to reinterpret history to cover up their bad instincts and flawed recommendations." Fauci advised against prohibiting entry from China to the United States at the beginning of the pandemic. Trump said he didn't listen to Fauci and that he saved many lives in this way. The ex-president went on to say that Fauci couldn't even throw a baseball properly.

In turn, he called Birx a “liar” who had only “very little credibility”. Much of their advice has been viewed as "pseudo-science," Trump scoffed. Fauci also always spoke badly about Birx and didn't even want to be in the same room with her, he claimed.

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Fauci and Birx had spoken on the television channel CNN about the pandemic and their work under Trump and were critical of the then president and his handling of the crisis. Fauci, for example, said that he was shocked at the time that Trump had called for restrictions in several states to be relaxed.

Birx reported on the show that Trump called her personally last summer after speaking about the dangers of the corona virus in an interview. The phone call was "very uncomfortable". When asked whether she had been threatened, Birx reacted evasively after a brief hesitation and repeated: "I would say it was a very unpleasant conversation." (dpa)

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