Why is MIUI making updates available so late?

Huawei EMUI 11: Android update comes in late summer

Huawei is planning software updates
Photo: picture alliance / Mark Schiefelbein / AP / dpa Huawei wants to further improve its version of the Android operating system. According to a report by the online magazine Huawei Central, it is planned to release EMUI version 11 in the third quarter of 2020. EMUI is the name of the customization or user interface that Huawei has given the Google operating system. This gives the Chinese manufacturer's smartphones a menu structure that clearly stands out from that of other Android phones.

According to the report, Wang Chenglu, software chief at Huawei, has already confirmed the launch of EMUI 11 in the third quarter of 2020. The new version of the operating system adaptation should be based on EMUI 10, which is already available on the current Huawei smartphones. Chenglu also announced that the update will further improve the performance of the operating system and the user experience.

Since Huawei still cannot use Google services, the firmware is based on the open source version of Android 11. The new version of the operating system initiated by Google is also expected for the coming months. Beta versions of the new Android software are already available.

This is what EMUI 11 offers

Huawei is planning software updates
Photo: picture alliance / Mark Schiefelbein / AP / dpa The report also gives a small outlook on improvements that the new Huawei operating system could bring. So it is likely that the manufacturer will focus on data protection and smart home functions. The new firmware will be available first on the Mate 40 smartphones, which will probably be delivered directly with the new operating system version.

Huawei's P40 series will probably benefit from the update in the form of a beta test, although it is still unclear when it will start. The official update could come shortly after the launch of the Mate 40 series. It is then to be expected that the manufacturer will gradually equip more smartphones with its new software.

Huawei continues to expand App Gallery

Since it is not officially possible to use Google services on current Huawei smartphones, the manufacturer is trying to offer important applications in its own app gallery. Now the company reports that three popular banking apps are now available: Finanzblick, Finanzguru and Outbank.

As already reported, Huawei wants to bring its own mobile payment service to the German market this year.