What is an arc welding mechanism


In the arc welding department, fundamental and application-oriented investigations are carried out on arc welding processes. The focus here is on the further development of welding processes and process variants.

In addition, investigations are carried out to clarify physical and metallurgical mechanisms in order to enable modeling of the welding process, weld seam geometry and material properties. With the help of the information obtained, automation strategies are developed in order to enable safe and productive welding production using arc processes.

The experimental work is made possible by extensive laboratory equipment, which in addition to modern welding power sources, torches and handling equipment includes various common industrial robots. The processes examined include all industrially relevant arc processes, but in particular gas shielded metal arc welding (MSG), tungsten inert gas welding (TIG), plasma welding (plasma connection welding / plasma powder build-up welding), submerged arc welding (SAW) and any hybrid variants. In addition, vertical welding processes are used to join large components economically. Electro gas welding (EG) and electro slag welding (RES) are used for this purpose. Electroslag strip plating and UP strip plating are available for coating large areas.