How does the newspaper delivery work?

deliver newspapers belongs to the classic part-time jobs that are usually offered as marginal employment and is particularly suitable for early risers.

Requirements for the part-time job delivering newspapers / newspaper deliverers:


In principle, the activity can be carried out as Newspaper deliverer to be performed by everyone. Schoolchildren, students, pensioners or housewives often earn an extra income by delivering newspapers.

The most important requirements for the Part-time job as a newspaper delivery man are Punctuality, discipline, a certain athletic endurance and especially the willingness to get up early in the morning and read the newspapers any (!) weather to carry out. Are helpful further good local knowledge and the better the orientation skills, the faster the newspapers can be delivered.

In rural areas in particular, the individual subscribers usually live further apart. Accordingly, a vehicle (e.g. bicycle, scooter or car) is a great advantage here. At the deliver newspaper it is best to use one on foot small car or a Trolly with which you can transport the newspapers and ensure that the newspapers always reach the customers dry and clean. As a newspaper deliverer, you should also have suitable clothing and good shoes for the respective weather. The free advertising papers and weekly newspapers can be played from the age of 13 years.


Tasks for a part-time job as a newspaper delivery person:


In order to get their favorite newspaper every morning, many regular newspaper readers have taken out a subscription. Most subscribers look forward to reading your newspapers for breakfast or on the way to work. As Newspaper deliverer This means that the newspapers are usually available by 6 a.m. all Customers must have arrived.

The address to which the newspapers should be delivered is given to the Newspaper deliverer from the employer. The first step is to have a Route created with which you can deliver the newspapers in the shortest possible time. The newspapers that have been subscribed to are collected by the newspaper delivery person at a central point and delivered early in the morning or placed in the customer's mailbox.

As Newspaper deliverer can be next to the daily newspaper also Weekly newspapers, television newspapers, weekly magazines or similar unsubscribe. It can also make sense, at the same time as the daily and weekly newspapers as well Brochures to be carried out, which means that the route that is already there can be used more efficiently.

If you don't want to get up so early to deliver the daily newspapers, you can only deliver weekly newspapers. These can usually be carried out more flexibly from the time of day.

The work of one Newspaper deliverer is regularly checked by the newspaper publishers by carrying out routine surveys of individual customers as to whether the newspapers arrive on time.


Special features when delivering newspapers:


First of all, as described, you have to be aware that you are using the Newspapers at wind and weather deliver got to. In addition, as a newspaper deliverer, it is important to note that the individual households to which the newspaper is delivered can be very far apart. Especially applicants who do not own a car have to cover long distances on foot in winter. In summer, on the other hand, you can go by bike. Therefore, every applicant should inquire in advance exactly in which area the newspapers are to be delivered. In residential areas or in new building blocks, the work of the newspaper deliverer is correspondingly done faster than in rural villages.


Working hours as a newspaper deliverer:


As already shown, the work begins with one Newspaper deliverer already in the night or in the very early morning hours. When delivering daily newspapers, the exact start of work is primarily determined by the number of newspapers that are delivered, the distance of the individual customers within the delivery area, the means of transport, the weather and the local knowledge of the newspaper deliverer. Since the daily newspapers at a certain point in time (mostly 6 o'clock) have to be in the mailbox, the time until when you start delivering the newspapers must be planned precisely. Depending on the size of the district and the number of subscribers, starting times of around 3 a.m. are not unusual. If, on the other hand, you deliver weekly newspapers, magazines or magazines, you are much more flexible with delivery times. But here, too, certain times must be strictly adhered to when the delivery takes place.


Find a job as a newspaper deliverer:


Offers for the part-time job as a newspaper delivery person can be found in regional daily newspapers or on the Internet. It is also useful to ask the publishers themselves whether they are currently looking for newspaper deliveries for an interesting area close to the applicant's place of residence.


Merit as a newspaper deliverer

The compensation for the Delivering newspapers usually takes place per newspaper delivered. The amount per newspaper is usually in single-digit cent range. This means the faster the newspapers are delivered in the delivery district, the higher the hourly wage. In rural areas that require the use of a vehicle, there is often additional Fare paid. In view of the working hours in the very early morning hours and the physical exertion, which should not be underestimated, the job as a newspaper delivery person is rather moderately paid. For someone who likes to be in the fresh air and has no problem getting up early, the part-time job as a newspaper delivery person still offers an interesting additional income.

To increase the earning potential, you can combine the delivery of daily newspapers with the delivery of weekly newspapers and brochures. Then the newspaper delivery person only has to travel once, but earns twice.