Doctors care about their patients

"Doctors want to take care of their patients themselves"

Summer is as good as over and with it the time when you were mainly outside. Since the risk of being infected with corona is greater indoors than outdoors, experts fear that the number of corona infections could also increase in autumn. In addition, there are the common colds for the time of year and the annual flu season.

No support for fever clinics

Interview with Gunter Hauptmann
Interview with Gunter Hauptmann

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn therefore proposes that so-called fever clinics be set up. According to him, they should be the first point of contact for patients with respiratory diseases. These outpatient clinics are to be set up by the statutory health insurance associations in the federal states.

In the Saarland, the doctors are not enthusiastic about this idea, says Gunter Hauptmann, chairman of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Saarland. Her position is: "We want to take care of our patients ourselves. We can do it. We are there across the board, and we also care for cold and fever patients, so to speak in the first wave."

As at the beginning of the Corona period, the rule applies that you should first call the practice if you have any complaints, says Hauptmann. There are practices that have set up special fever consultation hours, other practices are still open to patients during consultation hours as normal.

KV: Practices can handle this well

Hauptmann does not currently see the risk that the practices could become overloaded this autumn. There is a corresponding analysis with the result: "We have an average of four to six cold patients per day in the practices during the usual cold periods."

Even in the case of a flu epidemic with severe courses, the practices would have been able to cope with the treatment of the patients. But of course you are also prepared for worse and can offer appropriate fever practices if the rush in the practices becomes too big.

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