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The best email apps for Android

Steffen Zellfelder

Brand new smartphones also usually come with pre-installed email apps. Unfortunately, they quickly become a disappointment in practice: scarce functions, tired design and poor operation cause justified displeasure. Here we present you the best alternatives from the Play Store: Free and with full functions.

EnlargeThe best email apps for Android

Whatever Sony, Google or Samsung pack onto their Android devices ex works can also be used as an e-mail client - but it rarely knocks anyone off their feet. Fortunately, you do not have to rely on the preselection of the tech giants: Android users can choose between a number of e-mail clients in the Play Store. We have compiled the best here: Writing, reading and managing private or business e-mails is more fun and less time-consuming with these free tools.

There is no lack of sophisticated extras, extensions and organizational aids. Sending encrypted e-mails is also possible with many clients. With "ProtonMail - Encrypted Email" you can make messages with recipients at the same provider unreadable for third parties with secure end-to-end encryption. The tool even offers a self-destruct mode for individual emails.

Secure SSL encryption is now also in use when sending or receiving e-mails between large providers such as GMX, web.de or Telekom. Of course, this also works when you use an app from the relevant provider. The services are linked in the “E-Mail made in Germany” initiative.

Anyone who uses professional e-mail accounts on their smartphone or tablet will also find new favorite apps here. Companies, for example, are served by special tools especially for Microsoft's "Exchange" and those who struggle with high volumes of emails every day will be delighted with the "Email - Organized by Alto" app. This allows you to sort incoming messages automatically, create clear stacks and receive important message content such as bookings or package deliveries on a dashboard and practical info cards.

With integrated spell checkers, emoji collections to spice up private messages and widgets, as well as Android Wear support, everyone will find a new favorite app to manage their emails here. Almost all clients allow multiple accounts to be registered in parallel. Setting up the apps is now child's play: As long as you have your address and the corresponding password ready, the tools usually take care of the configuration all by themselves.

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