What is a project 3

Projects start with an idea (see also Chapter 2.3). Often it initially seems clear what needs to be done and the project starts without any concrete planning or goal setting. Often enough it turns out that the project is going in the wrong direction because the customer and often also the various project members have different ideas. The illustration shows how important it is to approach a project with the same ideas.

Source: http://www.projectcartoon.com

At the beginning of the project, the specific project goals and requirements for the product to be created must therefore be defined together with the client and within the project team. Approaching a project with the same ideas is one of the most important prerequisites for a successful project. Because in the case of imprecise and inconsistent ideas about the project result, conflicts quickly arise within the team and, in the end, the client's expectations are very likely not to be met.

Successful projects therefore require a structured approach. The four phases of project management, which you already got to know in chapter 2.3, support us in approaching projects systematically and step by step.

The individual phases and the associated tasks and methods are first briefly explained in this chapter and then examined and practiced in more detail in the following learning units.