When were the CVs created for the first time?

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Was your last application too long ago? Or are you having to write a résumé for the first time and not sure how to do it? In addition to many helpful application tips, you will find free samples with us that will relieve you of a lot of work:

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With our free resume templates you sharpen your profile and are guaranteed to leave a positive first impression.
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Free resume templates for individual design

One thing is certain: the handwritten or typewritten résumé of yesteryear is definitely yesterday's news. Since digitization took hold, application documents have only been created on the computer. The nice thing about it: This results in so many interesting design options! But what do you do when you lack ideas or you are not so familiar with IT? We'll help you!

Modern designs and easy editing

A résumé that is visually in tune with the times is guaranteed not to be put aside right away! With us you can choose from over 60 resume templates as an instant download. When creating our samples, two criteria are particularly important to us: On the one hand, the contemporary "Outfit" and on the other hand, the ease of use: It should also be possible for applicants with little computer skills to enter content or change colors as desired.

Suitable for all professions

The world of work is colorful and diverse. Our free resume templates are just as different! Everyone will find what they are looking for at Lebenslaufmuster.de - from school leavers to managers, from interns to executives. Whether female applicants or male job seekers: choose a design that appeals to you the most! Colors or fonts can be individually adapted in all of our curriculum vitae samples

Score with design and content

HR staff's time is often very limited. What they want are application documents that are particularly clear. Our curriculum vitae templates fulfill exactly this wish of all HR managers: All our templates impress with thematically neatly separated text blocks and appealing designs for 2021. Your contact persons will appreciate our clearly structured curriculum vitae designs!

Show soft skills

This gives you an additional boost in your résumé: With the description of your soft skills, you show HR staff something of your personality. Soft skills go beyond technical competencies. Complete your résumé, for example, with information on personal strengths, social skills or skills that you have deepened in the course of your career. Because personality and soft skills are very important for many employers

Immediately attract attention

Going to an interview with inappropriate clothing or unprepared? No way! It is exactly the same with your application: The first impression you make with your documents can often be decisive! So it is best to opt for a resume template from Lebenslaufmuster.de! With the design that suits you, you underline your personality and get your first plus points

Structure of the resume templates and templates

No two lives are the same. Then why should every path of life fit into the same template? The structure of our curriculum vitae templates is basically identical: All templates start with the photo and personal data, continue with professional experience, training and further education, additional knowledge and skills as well as personal interests. These are the essential things that a HR manager or future supervisor would like to know from you.

Resume sample to help you with your application

Our resume templates are geared towards getting a well structured overview to give about your career path and your skills. They are templates that should help you to maintain the famous "central theme" in your application.

However, you do not have to use all the suggestions from the templates! Depending on how your education or career went, you can Shorten, add to or remove text blocks entirely. The colors can also be easily changed according to your wishes.

You can use our templates free of charge as a Word file download and easily add a second page. Of course, other pages are also possible, provided you have something really relevant to tell. All pages are coordinated in structure and color, so you keep the "central theme" in your entire application.

Our curriculum vitae templates are basically suitable for all age and occupational groups. Text suggestions made in the templates serve only as placeholders and should be replaced by your own content.

Even if a text suggestion happens to fit your profession, we recommend that you do not copy the text completely!
The main purpose of the text is to do this, to help you set up your application.