What's your earliest memory of Precure

Before I start with the FF, I would like to say a little about the fanfic in advance. This SS FF arose mainly out of boredom, since I have a few blocks with my other stories, I suddenly started to write a one shot. Even if it has become a little longer than it originally should have been. Well I also dared to try a slightly different structure, but I think I'd rather stick with the other one, I like it better.
Finding the meaning in the story should be clear to everyone, right? The title already reveals something about what it is about.

Okay, enough of my words, I hope you enjoy reading this and look forward to your feedback

Pretty Cure Splash ★ Star ~ The Seal of Remembrance

It was a glorious day when Mai had arranged to meet Saki for a picnic and the weather that day did what it promised. Mai had got up early because of that, she knew that Saki was a long sleeper, that's why she had said to her that she would take care of everything, she just wanted to allow Saki her sleep so that she was well rested for the picnic. Mai suddenly laughed.
"Why are you laughing, chopi?"
"Oh, it's nothing, I just had to think about Saki, we've already done a lot of things and when I remember that Saki was sometimes quite funny, I have to laugh again. She's a great friend."
Choppy came out of the bag and turned back into her elven form, so she stood in front of Mai and watched her doing all the things that were on the table in the basket.
"I know exactly what you mean, chopi. Flappy and I have already experienced a lot together with you guys, chopi. But luckily we have our memories that cannot take away this wonderful time, chopi."
"Yes that's true!" said Mai with a smile as she continued to fill the basket.

Meanwhile, in another world, something happened that could be dangerous for all people. Someone tried with all their might to open the gate of memory, and with success. A small creature that observed the whole thing from a safe distance could not believe what it was seeing.
"I have to do something, after all I am the guardian of the seal, but what should I do?"
She continued to watch as the man, who was wrapped in a black robe, made a vessel appear in which he let all memories flow out of the gate. The vessel filled to the top with all the memories of the people.
"Finally I have her!" Said the man in the black robe, "I will rob people of all their memories and they will not remember anything. Good and bad memories will be forgotten once and for all."
And then the man was gone again and the little creature stepped in front of the open gate….
"What have I done, why haven't I stopped him, now all the memories of the people are in the hands of this villain. What should I do now?"
She asked herself this question again and again, in the end she saw a little memory coming out of the gate, she looked at it and could see two girls in it who turned into warriors and fought against evil. Then the saving idea came to her.
"Got it, I have to go out into the human world and find these two girls, they can definitely help me."
She said hopefully and left the land of memory.

Mai had meanwhile made her way and had arrived at Saki, she entered the shop and Saki's parents greeted her warmly.
"Hello, is Saki finished yet?" she asked while looking through the door behind them.
"Maaaiiii" shouted Saki and fell on her neck.
"Saki, what was that about, can't you greet me normally?" May asked somewhat moodily.
"Oh come on May, you know how I am."
"Yes, it's always like this, lapi."
Saki's parents and a young lady who were in the shop were a bit surprised by this unknown voice because they didn't know where it came from, but Saki was able to distract them skillfully and so Saki and Mai were already gone. They were walking around a bit and Saki blamed Flappy again.
"Tell me, Flappy, are you crazy? I've already told you a hundred times to shut up when we're not alone, why did you do that."
"How should I know that someone is out there, lapi. It's dark in here, lapi."
Saki continued arguing with Flappy for a while until she started to sulk. Mai had to laugh heartily again. Only Saki couldn't understand Mai's laughter.
"Mai? Why are you laughing? I don't think what Flappy did is particularly funny."
"No, it's not. But considering how often you and Flappy have argued, it's kind of funny.", Mai couldn't help but laugh, "Since we became Cures back then, you've been Both of them quarreled quite often and mostly because of little things. But you two always stand for each other. You go well together. "
Saki was a little surprised about what Mai had just said, but suddenly she got a big grin on her face and she agreed with Mai.
"Yes, I think you're right. All 4 of us have already experienced a lot and all of these memories will stay with us forever. These are all beautiful memories and I'm happy about them. That we became Pretty Cure back then is by far that the most beautiful thing happened to us and this memory must be preserved. "
Mai just smiled at her and said nothing more.

The two of them just arrived at the "Sky Tree" when Moop and Foop flew into their arms. They were happy that Saki and Mai were finally with them. They spent most of the time by the tree because they were safe there, but there were also days when Moop and Foop didn't want to be alone. While Mai spread the picnic blanket under the tree and emptied the basket, Saki played with the elves during that time.
Sometimes Mai could only shake her head at her best friend. In the 2 years that the two were friends, her Saki sometimes came across as quite childlike. She often argued with Flappy, and yet they always got along pretty quickly. Even if Saki sometimes reacted a little openly to everything, the two had become best friends and their Pretty Cure Band strengthened their friendship even more. Both were happy about that.
"People? Come on, I'm done with the preparations." shouted Mai as she poured the iced tea into the mugs.
"Finally!", Saki shouted while she ran to Mai full of expectations, "I'm starving, my stomach has just asked for food."
Mai had to laugh again, her memory came up and it seemed to her as if a movie was going on in her head in which Saki had said something like that before. She knew Saki only too well and knew exactly what she always wanted.
A short time later...
"I'm full!", Saki said and let himself fall on the ceiling, "That was a great idea from you, Mai."
Mai didn't say anything, instead she just smiled at Saki and mentioned the tree.
"We both associate a lot of memories with the tree here, don't we? For example, we met here for the first time when we were children and only a few years later we met again and then became Pretty Cure. It is everything is incredible! "
"Yes that's it!" Saki agreed.
The two sat under the tree for a while and enjoyed the peace they had, only some time ago they had saved the holy springs and, in their opinion, had earned this peace, but unfortunately this peace did not last long.

Saki suddenly noticed noises that sounded familiar to her, so she didn't hesitate and checked that everything was going well. Mai followed her, although she didn't know exactly what Saki was up to. When the two ran a little into the forest, they could see a strange monster that roamed through the forest.
"Uzainaa" shouted the monster all the time and tore down everything that got in his way.
Saki and Mai saw what the monster was doing, but somehow they were a little stiff about the moment and needed a drive.
"Change yourselves, lapi!" said Flappy who was hanging in the pocket in front of Saki's chest.
"Exactly, chopi! Hurry up, chopi!" she agrees with Flappy.
Saki and Mai didn't hesitate and looked at each other while nodding ... and transformed.
"Dual Spiritual Power!"
"Flower, open yourself on earth!"
"Fly to heaven"
"Shining gold flower, Cure Bloom!
"Shiny silver wings, Cure Egret!"
"Together we are Pretty Cure !!"
The voices of the two rang out and they stood transformed in front of the Uzainaa and did not hesitate long to fight against it. Due to their long experience against such monsters, the fight did not last long and a few skillful kicks and punches were enough and the Uzainaa was done, with their joint attack Bloom and Egret brought it to an end.
"Spirits of the earth ...!"
"Spirits of Heaven ...!"
"Now, united with Pretty Cure ...
"... Unleash the power of miracles!"
"Pretty Cure, Twin Stream Splash!"
So the monster was already done and the two were happy about their work. They had saved the city from a monster again.
"I wonder where that came from?" Saki asked, looking at Mai questioningly.
"I ask myself that too, I thought we had finally had some peace and quiet from the beasts. Something is wrong here, it was done too quickly." May openly admitted.
Saki didn't even know what to say anymore and needed a little break first.

But all of a sudden a little creature jumped out of the bushes.
"FINALLY !!! I FOUND YOU !!! It screamed as it ran towards the two of them.
Saki and Mai stood there in astonishment and looked down at the little creature, they had never seen it before. The two did not hesitate long and asked the little creature about it themselves.
"Who are you?"
There was silence for a minute until the being, who seemed quite friendly to his, introduced itself.
"My name is Memory and I am the guardian of memories!"
"Guardian of Memory?" they asked both of them at the same time and looked at Memory.
"Yes, I guard all of people's memories and make sure that they are all preserved, at least I should."
Memory got a sad face and her eyes wante on the floor. Saki noticed this immediately and asked what was going on. It didn't take her long to tell and explained the situation to both of them.
"Someone stole the memories!", She said while a tear ran down her face, "I don't know who it was, but I saw how he broke the seal and soaked up the memories. I wanted to do something about it, but I couldn't, I was too scared and just watched. If the memories don't come back soon and the seal is closed again, then people will be robbed of their memories and they will not remember anything. "
Saki and Mai looked at each other a little anxiously, but both wondered the same thing and said it out loud.
"Then why did you come to us?"
Memory pulled out a small ball and showed it to the two of them. "Therefore, this is the only memory ball that the thief hadn’t got his hands on and it shows you both how you turned into the legendary warriors Pretty Cure. I thought you two might help me with the memories of the To bring people back before it's too late. I'm so sorry for everything and I want to give everything to bring them back, but I can't do it alone. The Uzainaa came from me, I'm sorry, but I had to Find a way to track you down. "
With a somewhat uncertain look Mai looked over at Saki and it looked like both of them thought the same thing and at the same time they said it too.
"We will help you!"
Memory got a smile on her face. "Really?" she asked again, but Saki and Mai just nodded.
Together with Saki, Mai, and their elves, Memory set off for the land of memory.

A short time later they arrived in the land of memory. Saki and Mai were amazed at what it looked like there, they had already seen a lot, but this world still seemed undiscovered to them. Memory stepped in front of the two and spoke to them.
"I bid you both welcome to the land of memories, follow me, I will now take you to the Queen."
Saki and Mai looked in the direction of the castle, it was breathtakingly beautiful. The outer walls of the castle shone in a light blue, which shimmered in the sun and it looked more like it was glittering. The towers were quite high and each had a star at the top, which gave the castle the icing on the cake. The girls were enthusiastic about it and their two elves, too, wanted to see it and came out of their pockets.
"That looks beautiful, chopi." she said while she got a slight twinkle in her eyes, then Flappy just repeated her words and got a twinkle in her eyes as well.
"We should go!" said Memory and already walked along the path that lay in front of them. Saki and Mai followed her.
A little later they arrived at the castle and the queen and greeted them by bowing. Unfortunately, however, the queen was not very pleased with this visit.
"Memory, tell me. Why are you bringing people into this world? You know that this place mustn't exist among people. Besides, we have enough problems at the moment." said the Queen, looking seriously at Memory.
She only looked at the floor, because she knew what she had done, but did not hesitate long with her answer. "Yes, I know that, Queen. But these are no ordinary girls, these are the legendary warriors Pretty Cure and their 4 little companions. I took them out of the human world because I thought they could help us back the stolen memories I'm sorry I didn't tell you about it. "
"Pretty Cure? Mhm you might be right, I've heard many times how many worlds have been saved by Pretty Cure, that could work.", Said the queen proudly and looked over at the girls who stared at her a bit rude, but she didn't mind, "Nice to meet you, Pretty Cure." and bowed, which Saki and Mai found a bit strange. But they didn't want to say anything about it. Rather, they asked Memory for something.
"Memory? Can you please take us both to the Gate of Memory. We'd like to take a closer look at that to find out how we can bring the memories back." said May.
Memory just nodded and said: "Follow me, please!".
Saki and Mai did, too, and followed Memory into a room in which there was nothing. Only at the other end of the room was a gate visible.
"Is that the gate of memories?" Saki asked curiously and walked closer to it.
"Yes, it is, the gate has been around for many eons of years and to this day it is supposed to keep everyone's memories safe." said the little creature proudly.
Saki and the others wanted to know more about it, it sounded incredibly exciting to them. Moop finally said what everyone thought: "Can you tell us more about it, mupu?" and flew to Memory with a somewhat friendly look.
Memory thought for a moment, but then agreed. Maybe it was better if they knew the whole story, maybe that way they could also find out how to help.

Memory looked up at the two of them and began to tell: "The gate or rather the" Seal of Remembrance "was created many centuries ago. It was then recognized that the precious memories of the people and the holy council of the land must be protected decided then to create this seal and to keep the memories in it. "
The girls and their elves listened eagerly to the story, but Saki persisted with one question. "Memory where were the many memories that were kept before the seal?"
She looked at Saki and gave her an open answer: "Nowhere, before the seal was created, the memories were left floating around, but the people of the country did not like that, they feared that they would be stolen so much more easily and because of that this seal was created. "
"I see, that makes sense, of course!" Saki answered her.
Memory did not pause for long and continued: "The council thought back and forth for a long time and finally found that the best way to protect the memories is with the lock itself. So a seal was created in an empty room of the lock by all memories should be kept in custody. This seal is actually quite safe, well at least it should. " Memory stopped the story that she knew what had happened now was only her fault and could have been prevented.
"What do you have, Memory?" May asked anxiously.
"It is all my fault that the memories were stolen, I am the guardian of the seal and must never take my eyes off the gate, but when I recently left the seal it was too late. A man in a black robe had Broken the seal and sucked up all the memories and now he's in possession of all the memories, we don't even know what he's going to do with them. " Memory got bad guilt, she was responsible for what happened, just hoping Pretty Cure could help her.
"Well, don't cry, chopi." she said while walking to Memory.
"Exactly, lapi." he said and went to her too.
"I'm sure Pretty Cure will do anything to bring the memories back, mupu." and flew to her too.
Foop did not hesitate long and flew to her: "I agree with all of that, fupu.
The 5 beings looked at each other and then looked at the two girls together.
"Of course we will bring the memories back, wasn't it Mai?"
Mai just nodded to her friend, but then the room around them became dark and they could no longer see anything.
"Saki, where are you?" shouted Mai and looked around.
"You don't need to scream like that, I'm right next to you."
Mai apologized: "I'm sorry, but I can't see anything." And groped for her friend.
Memory and the elves could not see where Saki and Mai were either, the room had been shrouded in complete darkness and it seemed as if one could not leave the room.

"I will definitely not allow you to bring back people's memories. They are mine once and for all." said an unfamiliar voice. But the girls couldn't see anyone, let alone see anything.
In the meantime, Flappi and Choppy had found their way back into Saki and Mai's pockets and were meanwhile also afraid of the unknown voice.
"What should we do, chopi?" she asked and Mai could feel that Choppy was very scared, but she tried to calm her down. But it was getting too much for Saki, she groped a few steps forward in the darkness and moved away from Mai.
"Who are you and what do you want with all the memories, they still belong to the people and us too. And no matter what we have to do, we will give everything to get them back." Saki said firmly, but Mai looked a little unsure.
"You would do anything for it?" he asked in a sneaky voice, but Saki immediately agreed without Mai being able to say anything himself. "Well, if that is the case, then I have the perfect challenge for you." And in the bright light that briefly brightened the room, Saki and Mai disappeared. Memory, Moop and Foop were still in the room, which in the meantime had found its brightness again.
"Well, where are Saki and Mai, mupu?"
"I don't know, fupu." The two little elves looked at each other fearfully and didn't know what to do now, they had left the Saki and Mai alone.

Saki and Mai were transported by the enemy to another world where no one seemed to be. Everything was rather gray, there was no sun, the landscape looked very dry and Saki and Mai didn't know anything anymore. What did this enemy want from them? Flappy and Choppy made their point of view clear to both of them.
"We have to find this guy, lapi."
"Exactly, chopi. This is the only way we can bring the memories back, chopi."
Of course, the two understood immediately what their elves meant, but there were some problems that they had to sort out beforehand.
"Great! And how should we please find it beautiful? I mean, just have a look at it, I just see a dry, empty landscape here, nothing else." Saki said angrily, but Mai tried to calm her down.
"Please calm down, Saki. I know it won't be easy, but we have to do something, you heard what Memory said. The memories have to be brought back. Think about our memories too, everyone We must not give up what we have experienced so easily. "
Saki was already aware of the current situation, she knew that the two of them couldn't give up under any circumstances and had to get their memories back, but where should they start, they neither knew the enemy, nor did they know where he was.
But then the sky became dark, even darker than it was before. From a distance the girls could see a black silhouette slowly approaching them. The black figure came closer and closer to the two and the girls were about to transform themselves when ...
"Just not so fast you two, you'd better shift down a gear before you dare to fight me." said the dark figure, who was now only a few meters away from the girls. He looked like a tall man wrapped in a black robe.
"Why should we, we hesitate to fight you, surely you are the one who stole all the memories, right?" said Saki.
Mai tried to hold back her friend, who had meanwhile really lost patience, but Saki tore himself away from Mai and pointed to the man in the black robe.
"So tell me. Who are you?"
The man took the hood off his head and looked at the two of them, then put a slight smile on his face and said: "Who am I? It's true, I stole the memories, but I have a good one for that." Reason I'll tell you. " he took a piece of the habit in his hand and pulled it from his body with a jerk: "I am Mazushi!"
Saki and Mai stood speechless in front of Mazushi and didn't know what to do, he seemed to be strong and they didn't know if they should fight him, but their elves made no excuse from it.
"What are you waiting for, chopi?"
"Yes, exactly. Transform, lapi."
Saki and Mai looked at each other and did what the two told them to do.
"Dual Spiritual Power!"

Meanwhile, Memory broke into perplexity, she didn't know what to do. In addition, Pretty Cure had disappeared and even Memory didn't know how to calm Moop and Foop.
"What do we do now, mupu?" asked the little pink creature, snuggling up to Foop.
"I don't know, fupu. I would rather know where Saki and Mai are, fupu."
Moop and Foop were worried about them and the other two elves, but they had no idea where to find them, so they asked Memory.
"Memory, fupu? Do you know where Saki and Mai went, fupu?"
But unfortunately, she didn't know either. "No, I don't know. I would like to know myself where the two disappeared to. I'm sure it's the same guy who stole the memories." Memory said disappointed to the two of them and sighed.
The three of them sat helplessly on the floor for a moment, until something occurred to Memory and startled.
"Wait a minute, there is one way we have to find Pretty Cure. Why didn't I think of that earlier?"
Moop and Foop got a smile in their face: "Really, mupu, fupu?" said the two in unison.
Memory just nodded and got to work immediately. Moop and Foop watched her eagerly.

Saki and Mai had meanwhile transformed into the legendary warriors Cure Bloom and Egret and now stood directly across from Mazushi and looked each other in the eye.
"Pretty Cure, you're definitely not going to screw up my plan. Do you really two little kids can take on an opponent as strong as me." Mazushi said and laughed maliciously.
When Bloom finally handed it and got angry: "We are not little children, we are Pretty Cure and we will take on you, no matter how difficult it is for us. We have fought against many opponents who were strong, that's why we will definitely take on you too.
Egret looked over at her partner with a determined look: "Bloom!" she said softly and then wanted her look at Mazuschi and said: "Exactly, we will not allow you to destroy people's memories, they are part of life."
Bloom also looked over to Egret and they too wanted to go to Bloom a few seconds later and gave each other a sign, the sign to fight.
The two Cures gave nothing to the opponent and attacked their opponent with all the strength they had, but after a while their strengths decreased, Mazuschi was stronger than expected, Bloom and Egret just didn't know what to do next.
"Well, ladies, you can't take it anymore, or what's going on?"
Bloom looked over at him and then went to Egret, who was knocked to the ground, and helped her up: "Egret, what should we do, the guy is clearly stronger than us. Without the help of Moop and Foop we can't get against him . What do we do now? "
"No way, just stand around stupidly, lapi."
"Yes, chopi. I'm sure Moop and Foop are already on their way to us, chopi."
Egret looked at Bloom, but Choppy agreed: "Both of them are right, I also believe that Moop and Foop are already on their way to us. We must definitely not give up now." said Bloom and then looked over at Egret, who also agreed with a nod.
Bloom and Egret were already in combat position again, but this time they had no chance, before the two could attack, Mazushi let a hurricane loose on the two and they were thrown into the air and then dropped onto the hard ground, this remained not without consequences and the transformation of the two subsided, now they lay motionless on the ground and Mazuschi just laughed.

In the meantime, Memory had found a suitable spell with which they could open up to the Cures. She wasn't entirely sure, however, that the spell would really work. But Moop and Foop gave her courage and Memory realized that the two were right.
"We should at least try, mupu."
"Exactly, Saki and Mai definitely need our help, fupu. They are sure to be in trouble, fupu."
Memory tried to calm them down and said: "I'm doing my best, be patient. I'll be ready in a minute."

Saki and Mai lay motionless on the ground, they had lost their strength and Mazuschi seemed too strong for them both. Without the help of Moop and Foop, they hardly had a chance and they both knew it.
Saki and Mai slowly opened their eyes: "Saki? Do we have to admit defeat?" asked Mai softly.
"You two should better give up, it's ridiculous to go to all lengths for such worthless memories and pay for your life with it, the best thing is you go back home and since good little girls." Mazuschi said to the two of them and looked over at them.
Saki got up slowly: "Worthless, you say? Memories are worthless? Is that what you mean? Well, I see it differently. MEMORIES ARE EVERYTHING OTHER THAN WORTHLESS !!!" she shouted over to Mazuschi and went to Mai to help her up: "Memories are not worthless, they are something great, whether they are bad memories or good ones. They are of great value to people and without them life would be boring and You don't know anything about all the good times that we have experienced with our friends, that's why they are a treasure for people that you have to guard. "
Mai also understood what Saki was trying to say and continued: "Saki is right. Memories are part of life and whether you want to forget things or not, that should be left to the people, but in most cases you will remember for years what happened. To call them worthless is wrong, they are anything but worthless. On the contrary, memories are very valuable. "
Mai took Saki's hand and added: "The memories I share with Saki and the elves are really very precious and I will never lose them." Saki looked at Mai and got a small smile in his face.
They stood hand in hand in front of Mazuschi and said together: "We will never give up and fight with all our might."

At the moment when the two said that, Memory, Moop and Foop appeared from a portal and the two flew happily into their arms: "Moop, Foop. Are you all right?" asked Saki and Mai at the same time.
"Yes, we are fine, Mupu."
"Memory helped us get to you, fupu."
Everyone was happy that they had found each other again and that Memory had found the right spell, but one problem was still ahead of them.
"Hey, end the joy, lapi. The enemy is still not defeated, lapi."
Saki and Mai knew their elves were right, now that they had Moop and Foop, they saw the battle ahead with hope again. Saki and Mai pulled Flappy and Choppy, who were in their Crystal Commune metamorphosis, out of their pockets and transformed again.
"Dual Spiritual Power !!"
"Light up the future!"
"Have the courage!"
"Moon becoming full in the sky, Cure Bright!"
"Fragrant wind on earth, Cure Windy!"
"Together we are Pretty Cure!"
In their second cure form, the two faced Mazuschi again and Moop and Foop gave both of them the strength they needed. Bright and Windy took up fighting positions, but Mazuschi didn't seem too impressed.
"Even if you are wearing a different outfit now and are probably a bit stronger, you will not be able to beat me for a long time. You are still weaker than me."
Bright was really getting on Mazuschi's nerves and didn't put up with anything from him: "Well, let's see that, Los Windy!" she said to her partner and together they ran towards Mazuschi. The two cures were so fast that Mazuschi could hardly avoid them. With skillful kicks and blows they got the upper hand in the fight and it wasn't long before Mazuschi was on the ground and could only get up with difficulty.
"Now bring it to an end, chopi!"
The girls listened to them and Memory used her strength to offer her help to the two cures.
"Light of spirits, splendor of life!"
"Lead the two hearts to hope!"
"Pretty Cure Spiral Star Splash !!"
Together with Memory they managed to defeat Mazuschi and the glass with the memories flew towards Bright and Windy. Bright took it in hand and watched Mazuschi slowly dissolve.
"We made it!" said Windy.
"Yes, we did. We really did it. People's memories are safe again. Now all we have to do is reseal them so that something like this never happens again."
The two smiled because they were happy about what they had achieved and they had made a new friend. Memory was glad that this was all over now.

When they got back to the gate, they put all the memories back in the gate and Memory spoke a magic formula that carefully locked the gate again. When that was done, Memory asked: "Are all memories really back now?"
"No, not all of them, one is still missing!", Saki said with a smile, "Our memory of the adventure that we experienced today." And then she threw the ball into the opening on the gate.
Mai looked at Saki in astonishment: "Saki? How did you get it?" she asked.
"I just caught the bullet when it wanted to go into the goal." answered Saki and smiled again.
"You are impossible, lapi."
"What? That's not true, say that again and I'll ..." Saki was interrupted because Mai started laughing again.
"You two will never change, will you?"
Saki looked at Mai and got a big smile on his face and started to laugh too.
Together with Memory, the girls went to the queen, who thanked the Cures warmly and then sent them home a few hours later.

Back at the Sky Tree, the two packed their picnic things, which were still there, and made their way home. It was getting dark and on the way home their current adventure had been the top topic they talked about.
"Today we had a lot to do again, didn't we Saki?"
"Yes, we did. Even if it looked like we were going to lose at the beginning, we still managed to win. It was a great day and luckily the memories are all back and above all I want this one Don't forget adventure either. "
Mai smiled: "Yes and especially we shouldn't forget Memory, after all she helped us."
The two of them walked around for a while and watched the starry sky.
"Let's never forget any important event again, okay May?"
Mai nodded and said: Yes, we must all treasure our memories, which are very precious. "
Together they looked at the starry sky for a while and then went to Saki's house, it was already late and Mai decided to stay with her best friend today.

~ END ★
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