How did the tradition of the Christmas stamps come about

Christmas custom under the microscope: Why do you hang socks on the fireplace?

You have probably already seen this in films or series: socks are hanging in front of the fireplace. This custom seems to be quite widespread, especially in America. But what is it all about and where does this idea originally come from? We have embarked on a Christmas search for clues for you!

When customs learn to hike

Every evening before Christmas, children hang their socks on the stove and put down a few cookies and a hot cocoa for Santa Claus. Although we know this mainly from American films and series, this custom does not actually come from the USA, but has its own Origin in Europe. More precisely, this old Christmas custom comes from England. The English settlers brought it with them to the American colonies, where it finally established a foothold. After a long time he is now coming back to Europe from the USA. Custom learned to hike!

Socks by the fireplace: the origin lies in a story
But why did English children hang their socks by the fireplace back then? There is an old story behind it, which tells of a father and his three daughters. Of course, St. Nicholas also appears as a benefactor. But what actually happened?

The father had been a well-to-do man and full of affection for his three daughters. However, one day his wife died, which is why he could not work as much as before. After all, he now had to take care of the household and his daughters all by himself. The years passed and his fortune visibly dwindled. His daughters have grown into young women and it was time they got married. However, the father was impoverished and he could not raise the dowry for the marriages. He despaired of this and sank into grief.

St. Nicholas found out about the dire situation in which the family found themselves. He traveled to you and watched through a window that the three daughters were hanging up their socks to dry by the fireplace. During the night he climbed the roof and entered the house through the chimney. There he filled the socks with gold so that the father could still marry off his daughters.

Santa Claus and the chimney

Because of this story, the English children hung their socks on the fireplace and hoped, as it were, for a rich gift. At some point St. Nicholas became Santa Claus, who climbs through the chimney to distribute his charitable gifts among the children. In Germany there is a similar custom on December 6th. Here, however, no socks are hung on the fireplace kit, but cleaned boots are placed in front of the front door.