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Clich├ęs and Prejudices About Canada - What Is True and What Is Not?

Prejudices about Canada - Prejudice # 5: Canada is multicultural and cosmopolitan

That too is not a prejudice, but a fact. Canada is a country of immigration: 20 percent of the population were not born in Canada and 10 percent of all Canadians have German roots. Canadian politics does a lot to help immigrants integrate into Canada. Cultural diversity is also represented in the Canadian cabinet, which incidentally consists of 50% women.

You can see this diversity especially in the metropolises, such as Vancouver or Toronto, but Canadians are also cosmopolitan on the coasts and in the more rural regions and you can see the cultural influences of the many immigrants.

Incidentally, you can still see many influences from the various "First Nations", as the indigenous people of Canada are called, throughout the country.

You may notice: Canada is a very diverse, but also complex country, shaped by many different cultures. Depending on the region, you will have very different experiences in your student exchange in Canada, but one thing definitely distinguishes Canadians: They always like to take exchange students with them.

That brings us to the last prejudice.