Was Napoleon a wargamer

On this page we want to present interesting links to other websites that deal with the Napoleonic era. If the number of links becomes too large, the links will be broken down and grouped by topic.

This is a site about miniature wargaming specializing in Napoleon Bonaparte and the Napoleonic era - history, collecting and painting miniatures, creating terrain and houses, and "wargaming" itself

 GERMAN UNIFORMSThe Sturm cigarette photo albums "German Uniforms" are particularly popular and particularly sought-after. They give a good cross-section of the uniforms of the German armies of the 18th and 19th centuries. Their special value lies in the fact that the images and texts come from experts in uniform studies. NAPOLEON FACHVERLAG VRZBooks, reprints and calendars - the publishing program on the Napoleonic era is divided into four areas: Napoleon Calendar 2003, The Napoleonic Wars, Napoleonic Reprints, Napoleon: The Memoirs of His Life NAPOLEON ONLINEMilitary history pages for the period from 1792 to 1815  THE BATTLE MONUMENT OF LEIPZIGOctober 2003 will mark the 190th anniversary of the Battle of the Nations and the 90th anniversary of the inauguration of the Monument to the Battle of the Nations. Traditionally, various events are held to commemorate these historical events. FRIENDS CIRCLE OF NAPOLEONIC HISTORYLots of interesting articles, information and links - also on Napoleonic display groups THE NAPOLEON SERIESThe Napoleon Series has over 5000 articles, maps, illustrations, reviews, photographs and charts NAPOLEON'S WATERLOO CAMPAIGNNapoleon's Waterloo Campaign - an Alternative History by Steven Marthinsen THE NAPOLEONIC WARGAME PAGESComputer Wargames, Talonsoft Battleground & John Tiller Games, PBEM, Military-historical Simulations. These pages are devoted to the simulation of warfare in the Age of Napoleon by means of turn-based play-by-email (PBEM) wargames, online interactive presentations, and other technologies. Included is coverage of Napoleon's wars & campaigns, battlefield tactics, and resource pages including a master list of wargames, bibliography, newsletter and more. BILL'S WARGAME HOME PAGE Wargame Links - here you will find links to your favorite wargame sites.


Stephane CHICOURI - These unofficial pages are devoted to providing players of compute, wargames: "campaign eckmuhl" (HPS and John Tiller registered TM), "Napoleon in Russia", "Prelude to Waterloo", "Waterloo" NAPWARS IISo if you are looking for information to do with History, Uniforms, Music, Wargaming, Campaigns, Maps, Military Figurines, Miniature Painting, Collectables, Re-enactment Groups, Books, Clubs, Medals, Coins, Militaria, you name it, you will find it all here on this site. BATTLE AT DENNEWITZA historical walk across the battlefield with 11 monuments that remind of the heroic fight on September 6th, 1813 for Dennewitz and Gölsdorf


The English Napoleonic Games Club THE NAPOLEON SERIES ORGThe Napoleon Series is an all-volunteer educational project. Amateur and professional enthusiasts donate their time and effort to collect and create content that is shared here as a public service. If you would like to share your studies, submissions are invited and heartily encouraged UNITS OF THE ITALIAN ARMYThese pages give a history of the actions of each unit of the Italian army between 1805 and 1814. There's also information about the uniforms they wore FREIKORPS LÜTZOWWelcome to the 190th year of the founding of the Lützow Freikorps and the Prussian volunteer hunters 1813 - 2003 NAPOLEON IN BATTLEOn the website you find information about one of the best fighting machines in history - Napoleon's Grande Army. NAPOLEON BONAPARTE - INTERNET GUIDEIf you are looking for the best Napoleonic sites in the world, you are at the right address. LARGE GENERAL STAFFPrussian history in military history - documents, essays, persons, medals, Confederation of the Rhine, lexicon NAPOLEON 1 SERIESBiographie, Genealogy, Marshals of Empire, 1802 Peace from Amiens, Medals and currency, Music of the Garde Impériale, Napoleon - Man of Peace

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