Can Goku survive a supernova?

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(At the end of DB) VS The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (All of them at once, with the powers shown in the TV series) The Saiyajins suffer from a fighting spirit that leads them to prolong battles far beyond what they should endure by holding back. In order for Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data, please select 'I agree'. Over the past decade, he's also learned meditation techniques to control his anger, which is why he can switch to World Breaker mode (a name that must be the biggest understatement in any comic book). So I just do a TL; DR for that. He's Blade and I'm Lion ... Blade: - And it's our job to analyze their weapon, armor and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE! How to put it ... Zen'ou is infinitely stronger than Goku, but Hulk is infinitely stronger than Zen'ou. While the Hulk's strength can keep increasing, so can Broly's. Goku is a god now (Super Sayian God) 3. Usually, Goku faces or is overcome by a challenge. I've already answered this in detail here: Benjamin Bas's answer to Who will win if there's a Goku vs Hulk vs Superman fight? Hulk, at his absolute weakest point when tied to an "actively happy" level of proficiency, has shown speeds no less than 31.5 septillion times the speed of light. I only use Superman in general. Hulk is similar to Thor and Silver Silver, who ride through supernovae for fun. Goku (SSBKK X20) That makes no sense if Hulk is ahead. Goku vs Superman: Great speed blitzes and has better hax, but Goku with MUI is a lot stronger so it's REALLY close, but Goku takes it easy IMO. Goku is categorically superior here in almost every way. 0 0. Then you match Superman and Hulk evenly. Death. But that's not really useful in a fight. Save answer. Not that it matters, because Hulk's regeneration makes Cell look weak. .and Superman will still beat them all. Superman. However, the Saiyan will do this three, four, sometimes five or six times in a fight. Goku is a little different, but still unable to match Superman. Batman Vs Hulk 75 results; 1; 2; Dark Noldor. So Goku wins, since he is currently in his Ultra Instinct form at 4D level of performance when he surpassed the awakened Jiren and suppressed that Jiren should exceed the time. Goku is about pushing boundaries, but Superman is reaching the limitless human potential. While Superman’s stamina is nearly unlimited because he has the sun and stars to recharge him, Goku’s stamina is not nearly as great. Goku Vs Hulk. If guys can't accept that, any character will be as powerful as Superman. Forum posts. A kryptonian potential is limitless, but the power itself is not. All you had to do was come up with one of these incredibly stupid stories for the sake of a fight, and the result would never be accepted. Superman can juggle planets like table tennis, fly trillion times faster than light and even travel through time at his speed, laugh at supernovae, escape a black hole and obliterate stars with his breath. Popular pages. Thus Broly is possible thousands to millions of times stronger. The Superman power is limitless. There punching stregth is around the same. Still, at his very best, Hulk might not be a match for Ultra Instinct Goku. Similarly, the Hulk is confirmed to be more durable than Adamantium. He lacks the accomplishments to compete with someone like Superman, who for over 60 years has provided accomplishments that utterly destroy those Goku doesn't have. The speed of lightning is one of the kings of this type of fighting as it can move fast enough to perform hundreds of actions before its opponent can blink. 1. Comment Section Central; Sabrewulf VS Jon Talbain; DEATH BATTLE! Each of these universes was at least 6 infinities larger than our universe. Current estimates suggest that Goku's top speed is about seven times the speed of light at the high end. The Hulk is the strongest when it comes to strength, but strength is not power, and Superman is extremely powerful. The attraction of the Hulk and Goku is different. The Base Goku stuff I think of like this. Search. And I don't even get to Space Punisher pr World Breaker. Kal-El may be the original flying stone, but he's not a stupid country hick. Yes, Goku has the power to make the fight look good. Hulk VS Broly; Steven Universe VS ??? Goku lives in a similar way to ours, and in his strongest form, he wasn't even a galaxy buster. Wiki. Not that it matters, because Hulk's regeneration makes Cell look weak. Relevance. The problem with this is that DC characters are rarely so limited in their combat options and very many of them are able to develop combat tactics on the fly. While Goku's powers are kind of contradicting. The appeal of the characters is not who they can hit, but what they stand for. This is Goku with super Saiyan god with another super Saiyan multiplier on top of that x20 more power because of kaio ken, vs base Hulk. Goku charged at Hulk, diving to the side at the last second and firing a Ki blast at the Hulk, launching him through the air again. The series isn't serious at all, which is why the performances are so inconsistent, which in turn leads to what I just said that applying science to Dragonball is the most delayed thing you can do. Similarly, the Hulk is confirmed to be more durable than Adamantium. DEATH BATTLE! 4. The Z fighters have a fairly simple fighting style that usually consists of thunderstorms, strong punches / kicks, ki blast barriers and, when all else fails, massive ki blasts like the kamehameha. Sign in; Don't have an account? I thought I had done this match years ago. Dragonball is literally a comedy just as it is an action series. Since he's not in DC or Marvel, he has to be a gamer card or kids cartoon. Is not it! A lot of what people say he can do is comments from other characters. Superman with DBZ fans who claim Superman is a pushover. He is a very smart fighter 6. Goku unfortunately can't survive in space, so Superman really had to take him into space and let the lack of air and pressure turn him off. Leonard. The Hulk and Goku are popular characters, but they're not Superman. the part in each of us that is stronger than we can ever imagine. Most visited articles. or select 'Manage Settings' for more information and to make a selection. The sad thing about such comparisons is that they undermine what the characters are about. Most cartoon characters will struggle in earnest quickly when they find that all of the holding back doesn't really work. Superman on the other end is currently universal in terms of power as he is a merger of Post-Crisis and New 52 and his accomplishment in knocking out the World Forger doesn't count as he had to fly through a million suns to achieve it. Hulk is strong, and since I'm using his strongest version, plus he has Mjolnir… this could get ugly!… .Not. Then he trains so that he can surpass what he couldn't before. Superman, on the other hand, lives in a universe full of people who are as powerful or even stronger than him - I bet dollar against ruble that a guy who fights Darkseid, Doomsday or Captain Marvel every Friday and survived for so long, only here and there learned few movements. Goku inspiring, but pitting them against each other the only way to win is to change what's good about the character in the first place. 5. Superman will always be as fast, as strong, and as powerful as he needs to be, and that's not in Goku's wheelhouse. That has to be enough to make Goku force a draw, right? And that doesn't help Goku. Games Movies TV Video. Most visited articles.