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Top 10 Restaurants In Bangor, Maine

A Sparsely Populated North In the eastern state of Maine, there are a number of small and beautiful towns that highlight the unspoiled wilderness. Bangor is a relatively compact city in the Maine highlands, but despite its small size, the city's cultural institutions rival many other, much larger, metropolitan areas. The dining scene is thriving, with classic American cuisine sitting side by side with foods from Asia and Europe, making Bangor a true foodie town.

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The Fiddlehead restaurant

Fiddlehead Restaurant in downtown Bangor offers guests a new concept of fine dining, using the best of fresh and local ingredients. The kitchen aims to take traditional comfort dishes apart. The menu items include chicken dumplings and potato gnocchi to start with, and main dishes such as marinated pork ribs, crab cakes and lobster rolls. There is a wide selection of wines from a number of unusual winemakers. Almost all of them are served by the glass, while the fiddlehead ethos encourages more experimentation with unknown (but quality) producers.

The Fiddlehead Restaurant, 84 Hammond St, Bangor, ME, USA, +1 207 942 3336

Thistles Restaurant

Many restaurants focus on just one cuisine, but Thistle's Restaurant has been opening up the possibilities of a truly global dining experience for over a decade. Chef Alejandro uses his culinary talents to serve the best Latin American and European recipes in Maine. Dishes include gaucho-style saddle of lamb, French lamb with marinated Argentine chimichuri and Malbec wine, and tricolor grilled salmon with a prime fillet topped with a pepper and sesame vinaigrette. In the dessert department, everything revolves around the feel-good meal with chocolate cake, crème brûlée and cheesecake, which make for a perfect meal.

Thistles Restaurant, 175 Exchange Street, Bangor, ME, +1 207 945 5480

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Massimos Cucina Italiana

Massimo's Cucina Italiana is a truly special Italian culinary experience that Bangor has been delighted with for years. A family run restaurant by Massimo and Anne Marie Ranni. The restaurant has removed the traditional hallmarks of checkered tablecloths and oversized pepper mills that favor sleek, chic decor. The food retains a traditional edge, however, with top-notch pasta dishes and Italian-inspired salads. The grilled section includes white fish like tilapia and premium cuts of meat like rib eye steaks. Massimo's is a great experience for those looking for great Italian fare.

Massimo Cucina Italiana, 130 Hammond Street, Bangor, ME, USA; +1 207 945 5600

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Kobe Ninja House

The Kobe Ninja House is unlike many other Japanese restaurants. The menu features sushi and noodles alongside some of the best steak and meat side dishes. Kobe beef, where available, is one of the best meats in the world. There are also maki rolls with seasoned yellow fin tuna and a selection of tempura dishes.

Kobe Ninja House, 829 Hogan Road, Bangor, ME, USA; +1 207 992 9983

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Moe's Original BBQ

Moe's Original BBQ in Bangor is part of a small group of Alabama-inspired barbecue foods that have seen a revival of Southern food and even been voted one of the top 10 barbecues in the United States. As this is a celebration of the South, the most popular items on the menu are pork. Pulled pork with juicy sauces comes in sandwiches and on platters with a choice of sides. The restaurant also offers fantastic fried chicken, a Wednesday special that is always popular. Moe's really is a great place to get the most out of "low and slow" barbecue cooking.

Moes Original BBQ, 650 Broadway, Bangor, ME, USA; +1 207 992 9000

Southern grill ribs © Dahon / Flickr

Brewster's Fine Dining

Just a short drive from the city of Bangor, Brewster's Fine Dining offers fine dining in a peaceful and serene Maine location. The menu has great snacks and sandwiches, as well as specialty beers and cocktails. Buffalo chicken wings, a classic flavorful marinade that coat juicy wings with a side of blue cheese dip and celery sticks, are incredibly inexpensive. The buffalo and blue cheese sauces can also appear on the fully customizable burger: there are no limits to the size (and innovation) that customers can put on their meals.

Brewster's Fine Dining, 359 Wilson St, Brewer, ME, USA; +1 207 989 0444

Taste of India

Taste of India shows a relaxed yet elegant approach to fantastic Indian food, and as a specialist in subcontinent cuisine, the restaurant also offers a fine selection of vegetarian options. The restaurant invites you to a buffet three days a week, with all dishes on the menu. Dishes include chicken saag with seasoned breast meat cooked with spinach and plenty of vegetarian options like dal makhani, lentils, and more for delicious and satisfying meals.

Taste of India, 68 Main Street, Bangor, ME, USA; +1 207 945 6865

Prawn curry | © Geoff Peters / Flickr

Ground Round Grill and Bar

While many may be averse to the idea of ​​eating at a sports bar, potential diners would be foolish to write about Ground Round Grill and Bar. Portions are generous and all guests can be rest assured that they are full. One of the bar's specialties is the selection of Tex-Mex food, fajitas sizzles, chimichanga and baja tacos are some of the options available. The tacos are filled with hand-fried fish or shrimp, filled with cabbage and a spicy dressing and served with Spanish rice, a delicious selection of dishes south of the USA.

Ground Round Grill and Bar, 248 Odlin Road, Bangor, ME, USA; +1 207 942 5621

Fish tacos / © Pixabay

McLaughlin Seafood, Inc

No list of Maine restaurants would be complete without at least a fleeting nod from the State of Lobster. At McLaughlin Seafood, Inc, however, they do more than just nod. Steamed, grilled or baked, guests can choose their lobster as they please. While these aren't the most comfortable eateries, seating and tables are limited to a few outdoor decorations. The fresh quality of the seafood on offer more than makes up for the sparse decoration. Lobster and crab meat rolls make it easy to snack on, while sweet treats like ice cream are ideal for a quick follow-up choice.

McLaughlin Seafood, Inc. 728 Main Street, Bangor, ME, USA; +1 800 222 9107

Lobster Roll | © Larry Hoffman / Flickr


With land built in great plains on huge roads, trucks are practically American establishments. Dysarts is a family restaurant that has something for everyone. It is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The menu is large, filled with the best comfort food and American classics. Huge burgers, American pancakes, and pot roasts and pies are just small examples of the dishes available to hungry guests. Dessert options include fruit or cream cake, sundaes, and chocolate brownies.

Dysarts, 530 Coldbrook Rd, Hermon, ME, USA; +1 207 942 4878

Burger and Chips | © Katherine Lim / Flickr

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