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Fashion trends spring / summer 2021: These are the most beautiful styles

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Are you looking forward to the new season as much as we are and can hardly wait for spring and summer? Perfect. Then you are exactly right here. Even if Germany is currently largely in lockdown, we prefer to get in the mood for a new season with beautiful new fashion pieces. That's why we took a look around the blogger girls and in the shops of well-known fashion labels and started looking for the most important trends for spring / summer 2021.

The great thing is that everyone is guaranteed to find something among the new styles. In addition to comfortable loungewear and casual oversize looks, eye-catching pieces that show a lot of skin are increasingly in demand again. We'll show you which trends you shouldn't miss out on, how to style them properly and where you can shop for them.

Fashion trends spring / summer 2021: Loungewear is in

The more comfortable and relaxed, the better. Something like this is currently the most important motto when it comes to fashion. Cozy loungewear caused a lot of hype last year and will remain a big trend this year as well. After all, cozy jogging pants, hoodies and oversize shirts have been our most loyal companions since Corona, Lockdown and home office.

Do you think loungewear is only suitable for cozy couch evenings? Fashion professionals are now proving the opposite to us and showing that jogging pants and co. Can do a lot more. It will be particularly stylish in spring and summer 2021 with comfortable pieces in cheerful pastel tones such as lilac, butter yellow or mint green, which can be combined in a street style with delicate blouses, elegant blazers and sneakers. The main thing is cozy.

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Must-haves in spring & summer 2021: cut-outs and lacing

Designers agree: cut-outs and laced details are among the most important fashion trends for the spring and summer season 2021. Whether dresses, shirts or trousers - if you want to be one of the trendsetters, you shouldn't shy away from the statement pieces.

Both cut-outs and lacing immediately spice up any look and make simple pieces a real highlight. In addition, the refined details provide beautiful insights and subtly let some skin flash out.

As far as the styling is concerned: Less is more. Since cut-outs and lace-up details alone attract enough attention and can quickly look very sexy, you should choose loosely cut and reserved combination partners for your favorite piece. It is also better to avoid too many prints and colors and instead use calm tones such as black, gray, beige and white.

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Bralettes are trendy in the spring and summer seasons

Comfortable and exciting at the same time? Hello bralette! Bralettes have been one of our absolute favorite pieces since last year at the latest. And not just as a cozy replacement for a bra. This spring and summer, bralettes will be worn individually as a super short top - preferably in a boyish look with wide-cut pleated trousers with a high waist and oversize blazers.

Bra tops are currently available in an infinite number of styles - from simple and minimalist in black or white to items with lace or rhinestones. Those who find the pieces too revealing can now simply layer them over blouses or basic shirts.

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Oversized tailoring is an important trend in the new season

Gender neutral fashion is the most important keyword in the fashion year 2021. What does that mean? Clothing that is designed not only for one gender, but equally for all gender forms. These can be wide-cut jeans, loose-fitting shirts, which have their origins in men's fashion, or comfortable trousers. The main thing is that the pieces sit nice and wide and relaxed - i.e. oversized.

Oversized suits in all imaginable colors are particularly popular with fashion professionals this spring and summer. This is easily combined with short crop tops, sneakers or high heels.

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Fashion trends spring / summer 2021: puff sleeves and power shoulders

Are you crazy about puffed and balloon sleeves and / or shoulder pads? Good news: The hype about the voluminous details on dresses, shirts and blouses is entering the next round this spring and summer.

The statement sleeves are a real eye-catcher and make every look immediately more exciting. On top of that, the extra volume on the arms and shoulders ensures a great figure. Important when styling: Balloon and puff sleeves always look a bit girly and playful and are therefore best styled in a style inconsistent with rough pieces such as biker boots, a lot of leather, destroyed denim and sneakers.

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Fashion 2021: Netz is back

Clothing and accessories made of mesh are in demand in spring and summer 2021 more than they have been for a long time. But don't worry: anyone who thinks of fishnet tights right now is wrong. Because in the new season, Netz shows itself in the form of holey dresses, summery tops and comfortable trousers. Bags with a mesh look are also extremely popular at the moment.

How to combine The same applies here: less is more. Relies on neutral colors and simple basics as a styling partner. So the look can even look really elegant. The combination of flashy colors and mesh fabrics, on the other hand, screams more like 90s faux pas or techno festival.

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Spring / Summer fashion trends: Costume 2.0

As a counter-trend to comfortable loungewear and oversize fashion, feminine costumes are once again the focus of this year's spring and summer seasons. But don't worry. The new trend costumes have absolutely nothing in common with the staid pieces that you know from the past or with which you often associate the bourgeois banker look.

The costume 2.0 now consists of two real eye-catching pieces, which in combination will definitely cause quite a stir. Short mini-skirts (preferably in A-line and with an additional slit) are now being styled with cropped blazers (here at NA-KD *). You can then style comfortable sneakers or tough biker boots. This is how the look looks particularly cool and edgy.

One last important thing: Of course, fashion is purely a matter of taste and not everyone thinks the trends and items shown are beautiful. Our styling tips, outfit ideas and hacks should serve as inspiration - what you make of them is entirely up to you. And always remember: what you want to wear is your decision. Don't let anyone tell you what to wear and what not to wear. After all, fashion should above all be one thing: be fun!

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