Is there summer season in Norway

Travel to the beautiful archipelago of Lofoten

What distinguishes a holiday in Lofoten?

A summer trip to the Lofoten Islands high up in the north of Norway is one of the most beautiful trips in the world. Discover the archipelago on long hikes or on a bike tour. In a kayak you can gaze from the water over the impressive mountains of Lofoten. You live very comfortably in one of the converted fishermen's huts, the Rorbur huts. You have a seat in the first row right by the water. After a day full of activities, indulge yourself with culinary delights in one of the numerous restaurants in the small towns.

Getting to the Lofoten Islands

From Germany, Austria or Switzerland you can reach Lofoten by plane via Oslo. So far there are no direct flights. A nice alternative to air travel is to take the Hurtigruten line along the Norwegian coast. The main town of Svolvaer is a good choice as a Hurtigruten pier. There is also a nice ferry connection to the mainland via the Bodo - Moskenes (Lofoten) - Bodo route. There are usually two connections per day. The coastal town of Bodo can be reached by plane via Oslo.

Overnight in Lofoten - The famous Lofoten Rorbuer

Wake up to the sea view and the chirping of seagulls. You can experience this authentic holiday feeling most intensely in a Rorbu accommodation. Rorbu comes from Ror (row) and Bu (live). Rorbuer are fishermen's huts, some of which have been converted into very pleasant hotel accommodations. Most of the time, the red or ocher-colored rorbuers are located directly on the water.

This original type of overnight stay is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the small fishing villages of Lofoten. For use as holiday accommodation, the huts were often thermally insulated and equipped with bathrooms and bedrooms. Usually there are also small kitchens so that you can cater for yourself. If you don't feel like cooking, you will find a delicious menu in the rustic fish restaurants of the archipelago.

In Lofoten we have chosen two different rorbus. The differences are mainly due to the location. In the idyllic picture-book village of Reine in the south of the archipelago, you can spend a very pleasant night in the Reine Rorbuer. The lively main town of Lofoten, Svolvær, is located in the north of the archipelago. There the Svinøya Rorbuer are ideally suited for a pleasant stay. We recommend 3 nights in each of the two accommodations. This is the best way to discover the south and the north of the islands.

Activities in Lofoten

There are now many activity providers in Lofoten who can take you on fantastic excursions on land or on the water. Walking and cycling are the main activities with solid ground under your feet. For those who would like to be guided, hikes with a guide who knows the island are ideal.

On the water, you shouldn't miss a boat tour with the fast rib boats or even leisurely, with the fishing boat to the Trollfjord - or take part in a guided sea kayak tour. This typical experience can be learned quickly and with a lot of joy for everyone. You can find an overview of all guided activities in Lofoten in the section: