What is staff inventory


Great family business, well trained staff, inventory / vehicle fleet up to date

Ex-manager / managementHas worked in production at Granella AG in W√úRENLINGEN.

I think it's good about the employer

Interesting tasks, varied tasks, great machinery, great experience of the team

I think it's bad about the employer

Leadership social skills

Suggestions for improvement

A high level of fluctuation creates unrest, which stabilizes the working atmosphere.
Include employees more!

Working atmosphere

Social competence of the leadership rather weak, praise rarely or never, criticism all the more often ...


Team meetings are held on a regular basis. However, more is said than implemented.

Cohesion of colleagues

Top in the team

Work-life balance

Could be better!

Managerial behavior

Lack of social skills, everything is taken for granted ... Employee involvement is weak!

Interesting tasks

Interesting tasks, from small to large projects

working conditions

Current status

Environmental / social awareness

The company attaches great importance to this

Salary / social benefits

All good


Would be a great operation, but ...

Career / further education

In lower positions (apprentices, foremen and foremen) top!

Dealing with older colleagues