Why can't animals store food as starch?

Lesson 8: Food and Digestion



























(1) Most fats are found in fried (or oil-coated) snacks.

(2) Fats are very difficult to digest. For this reason, you often hear people complaining of indigestion after eating fatty meals. There is a simple reason for this difficulty. The next activity suggests how you can help the children understand this.




(1) Our body is based on water. Oil is not soluble in water. It cannot therefore be recorded directly.

(2) Fats and oils must first be brought into a soluble state before they can be absorbed through the intestine.











(1) When the wick burns, you will see the energy in the fat turn into heat and light.

(2) You can also use vegetable oil instead of butter or margarine. Many people know that oil can burn. It works well for oil lamps.