How long is an apostille valid?

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The apostille is a simplified form of legalization (diplomatic certification) of public documents for international legal transactions. In the case of states that have signed the Hague Legalization Convention, it takes the place of the otherwise required legalization and is the final certification of a document in the home country.


If there is an intergovernmental agreement with the relevant state on the mutual recognition of documents under public law, no apostille or legalization is required, as the relevant documents are then mutually fully valid.

The apostille is a confirmation of authenticity. It is issued and issued in the home country by a designated authority in the state that signed the Hague Legalization Convention. In Austria, the apostille - depending on which authority has issued the relevant document - is carried out by the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs (legalization office), the presidents of the courts of first instance dealing with civil law matters (presidium of the regional court), the governors or the Office of the state government (certification body) issued.

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Last updated: March 31, 2021

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