How do you build a model helicopter

Build your own RC helicopter - is that possible?

Beginners should focus on flight training

If you have not yet had any experience with flying a remote-controlled helicopter, we recommend buying an RTF helicopter. The abbreviation "RTF" stands for "Ready to fly" and denotes a remote-controlled helicopter that is ready to fly. The model is already assembled and set so that it can be controlled remotely directly. RC helicopters are complex devices made up of a multitude of small parts. As a beginner, you should therefore approach the technique step by step. With a finished helicopter model, you can familiarize yourself with the Flight characteristics and familiarize yourself with the physics of flight, so that you will later better understand what parts are needed for. In addition, you can unscrew the model so that you gradually get to know the individual components of a helicopter.

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Dismantling may affect the terms of the guarantee: Before disassembling an RC helicopter, you should take a look at the warranty conditions. Often times, the warranty expires if the helicopter is disassembled. If you put the helicopter back together and it no longer works properly, you may have to pay for the repair yourself.

For advanced pilots: ARF and BNF models

As soon as you yourself have the feeling that you have enough knowledge to tinker with an RC helicopter, you can choose between different ones ARF or BNF models look at. The following table clearly shows how the various products differ from one another:

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RTF helicopter"Ready to fly", ready to flyThe helicopters are fully assembled and set up so that they can be directly controlled remotely.
ARF helicopter"Almost ready to fly", almost ready to flyThe RC helicopters consist of assemblies that are pre-assembled and must be put together.
BNF helicopter"Bind and Fly", connect and flyThe helicopters have already been built, but still have to be connected to a transmitter.
PNP helicopter"Plug and Play", connect and playThe product set is equipped with the model, a controller, the drive and the electronics.

If you decide on an ARF helicopter, you should bring some technical know-how with you. The individual assemblies such as the electronics or the Internal combustion engine already pre-assembled, but the components must be put together in such a way that the helicopter is airworthy. Instructions are helpful here. You may also find vivid videos on the Internet in which hobby pilots show how the RC helicopters put together correctly become.

For professionals: Build an RC helicopter completely yourself

A remote controlled rc helicopter is basically a miniature replica of a large helicopter. So that it can successfully ascend and keep its balance in the air, there are numerous components as well as one complex construction necessary. RC helicopters should therefore only be built completely on your own if you are familiar with model building and have sufficient experience with various RC helicopters. Kits that no pre-assembled technology or electronics are available from hardly any provider. That is why the handicraft project usually begins with the search for construction instructions. This should not only describe how the helicopter is put together. It should also contain a list of all necessary components. Of course, these differ from model to model. It is important that you get the size and the power of the desired RC helicopter taken into account.

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Because remote-controlled helicopters and their spare parts and components are available in the following sizes:

sizeRotor diameterWeight
Micro-helicopterUp to 50 cmUnder 200g
Mini helicopterUp to 70 cmUp to 1000g
Medium helicopterUp to 130 cmUp to 2000g
Maxi helicopterUp to 200 cmMax 5kg

This table shows very clearly that you should have an idea of ​​the components and technology of an RC helicopter if you want to assemble the model completely without a kit. For example, do you plan one Medium helicopter To build and order rotor blades with a weight of 500g online, they are probably already too heavy, so that the helicopter may not be able to start. However, if you have sufficient specialist knowledge or do you have one on the Internet professional building instructions found, the construction of the helicopter can begin.

Order individual parts and handicraft materials online

In order to start assembling the helicopter, of course, you first need the appropriate components. In addition to the electronics, the housing and the Rotor blades However, you should also think of screws, glue for model building and tweezers. Often the parts are so small and filigree that you can a pair of tweezers or small pliers needed to put them in the right place. If you are unsure about the size or weight of some components, you should also consider ordering two different versions. So you can try out which component is more suitable while doing handicrafts. In order to save on delivery costs, you should also have all the necessary materials order together from one provider. So you can start right away and don't have to interrupt the construction project because certain components have to be reordered first.

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Note down progress after construction interruptions: Immediately after you have attached the rotor blade to your RC helicopter or connected the motor to the rotor head, you are often sure that you will know exactly where you left off when you continue the tinkering. Because model making is a time-consuming hobby for many people, there are often several days or weeks between the handicraft units. In order not to lose track of things, you should always keep records. Small notes on the building instructions are usually sufficient so that you can remember when you continue with the building project.

In addition, you can of course consider whether you have the required materials ordered online or buy it from specialist retailers on site. Overall, there are relatively few dealers in Germany who specialize in RC model making. Often the specialist shops primarily sell remote-controlled cars and therefore only offer a very small one Selection of different components at. On the other hand, on the Internet you benefit from an almost limitless selection of different individual parts available from different manufacturers. Although you have to rely on the product description when shopping online and accept a delivery time of a few days, ordering online is still worthwhile for many - also from a financial point of view: the prices in local specialist shops are usually significantly higher than the prices you can buy online has to pay, although there are additional costs for shipping. If you also use one price comparison you can find particularly inexpensive components and handicraft materials in no time at all.

Is it worth building a helicopter yourself?

If you want to build an RC helicopter completely on your own and without pre-assembled mechanics or electronics, you should be prepared for a lengthy project. The assembly is always from Amateur pilots require that he deals with the installed technology and possibly makes changes to assemblies that have already been assembled so that the helicopter is finally airworthy. There is also a remote controlled helicopter from a multitude of different individual parts, some of which are so small that assembling them requires a lot of time and concentration. Still, the DIY project is worth it for many RC pilots.

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Because if you build a remote-controlled helicopter completely yourself, you have the following advantages:

  • You learn an incredible amount about the technology and functionality of a helicopter
  • Sensitivity is trained
  • The helicopter is unique and can be changed individually
  • Repairs will take less time in the future

However, there are also some arguments against the construction project:

  • Often more expensive than RTF or ARF models
  • Assembly requires technical understanding, time and concentration
  • Flight ability is not guaranteed

So if you want to build an RC helicopter yourself, you should above all have time and patience. It is also very helpful if you are familiar with Expert forums registers and exchanges ideas with other RC fans there. Often times, the hobbyists valuable advice or know solutions that you cannot think of yourself. However, if you intend to assemble the helicopter within a very short time, you should better opt for an RTF or at least an ARF helicopter.

There is a reason not to offer kits that require the engine to be assembled by yourself. On the one hand, it can be extremely frustrating for the buyer when that Craft project is terminated unsuccessfully because the helicopter cannot be started, does not ascend or does not show stable flight behavior. In addition, it can be extremely dangerous to manufacture an internal combustion engine yourself. A defective motor can cause great damage, especially with large remote-controlled helicopters. If you still want to tinker with an RC helicopter, you can alternatively opt for an ARF model helicopter. It is an RC helicopter whose scope of delivery consists of prefabricated assemblies. As a rule, both the mechanics are pre-assembled as well various electronic components. However, the ARF models differ greatly from one another. There are both ARF models that are suitable for RC pilots with little experience and RC helicopters for advanced and professional pilots. There are, for example, a large number of helicopter models that can be continuously expanded. The helicopters can thus be adapted to the needs and preferences of the pilots. Test reports, Product comparisons and online guides help you to find a suitable model that meets your own requirements and promises guaranteed flight fun.

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Build your own RC helicopter - is that possible?
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