When will my voice be fully developed

Broken voices in girls

Do girls also lose their voices?

With the end of puberty, something audible has happened in the boys too. You have broken your voice. Like many other changes, the voice break has hormonal causes:

The testosterone makes the vocal cords thicker and the larynx grows. Then, in most cases, the voice first becomes rough and brittle.

After the voice breaks, it is then an entire octave lower, because the vocal cords, which have become longer and thicker, now vibrate more slowly. The bands work in a similar way to a piano string. The longer they are, the deeper the tone they create.

But girls also break their voices. The Greek philosopher Aristotle already knew this. He wrote in the seventh book of his Great Animal History:

"Even with girls, the voice changes towards a deeper sound. Although the voice of the woman generally sounds higher than that of the man, that of the girl is still lighter than that of the older woman, just as the voice of the boy is higher than the man. "

In contrast to the male voice, the voice of girls after puberty only sounds a little deeper. That's because the physical changes aren't that big.

While the vocal cords are about an inch longer in boys, they only grow a few millimeters in girls.