How do I represent Egypt in MUN

Welcome to the website of the Federal Foreign Office

Due to the limited operation of the embassy due to the pandemic, the capacities of the passport and legalization office are significantly reduced.

Therefore, non-urgent issues may not be processed at the moment. If possible, we would like to ask you to look for alternative solutions that do not require the service of the embassy or postpone your concerns until after the current crisis.

The passport and legalization office is working on offering contactless alternatives to its services under Covid-19 conditions. Please follow the website of the passport and legalization office to find out if certain services are offered. Here you can also, depending on your specific case, read the answers to your questions, submit electronic applications or register for appointments if you need to appear at the embassy.

Please contact Urgent inquiries that have not already been answered on the website, by email to the passport and legalization office ([email protected]).

Please also understand that non-urgent issues cannot be processed or answered at the moment, and that if you appear at the embassy without an appointment, your request cannot be processed. If you have to appear in an emergency, we will give you an appointment.