Which startups are innovating the event industry?

Current start-up dates

When Lunar managing directors Matthis Hamann and Roman Gebhard heard about Christoph Meyl's product concept, they were immediately enthusiastic: “We are always looking for creative ideas and smart concepts. After all, our core competence is to support companies throughout the entire innovation process: from market research to strategy consulting, branding and design to the engineering of series-ready products. "

But designers can also help with “traditional” capital acquisition, such as financing through the house bank. Because everywhere the first thing is to convince other people of an idea that usually only exists in the mind of the inventor at this early stage of development. Designers can help make an idea tangible by visualizing, animating or producing short films. This so-called "experience prototyping" allows both potential investors and customers to get a comprehensive picture of a product - even before it actually exists.

In the best case, the young entrepreneurs can then convince their investors not only with concrete market figures, a coherent business concept or professional business plan, but also with vivid impressions in the form of virtual or real prototypes. Lunar Europe sees itself as a "development aid" for start-ups and already supports them with market research, but interlinks the quantitative data analyzes with qualitative studies so that potential user types and user scenarios can be developed and thus the image of the future target group with their special needs can be clearly defined for the start-up.