Does Sujok Therapy Help Cure Autism?


There are also surprisingly positive results in curing cancer. In patients who have been treated by chemotherapy and radiation, a significant reduction in undesirable side effects is achieved.


It has recently been confirmed that a wide variety of parasites are responsible for many (physical and psychological) chronic diseases. Because of their sophisticated survival strategies, it is almost impossible to eradicate them with drugs. Autopathy, the only known method to date, causes pinworms, tapeworms, lice ... as well as Candidas, Chlamyden or Borrelia to be removed without any negative side effects. Even with toxoplasmas, the infection of which is considered to be lifelong and for which no case of complete recovery has yet been described by experts, autopathy achieves unprecedented results (an extensive chapter "autopathic detoxication" in the book: "Gesund mit Autopathie") dedicated).


Autopathy works particularly quickly in children with a tendency to recurring infections, but also with developmental disorders, ADHD, brain dysfunction, difficulty concentrating, behavioral disorders, vaccine damage and recently even a complete autism cure was confirmed. Many of these cases are either documented by the author of the method or by autopathy consultants and their clients in the form of videos on the homepage or in audio recordings from seminars and conferences.


First aid Autopathy has proven to be particularly effective in emergencies such as accidents, shock, poisoning, and current painful inflammation, where relief is almost immediate.


Prevention Autopathy also has a preventive effect by increasing vitality, strengthening immunity, increasing the psychological capacity to defend against stress and helping to regain feelings of general satisfaction.


Special features The simplicity and universality of this therapy has the advantage that it has no contraindications and is therefore suitable for all age categories from infants to the dying, as well as for special conditions such as coma, dementia, mental disability, etc. It can be used simultaneously with any other Use healing methods without the need to suspend allopatic drugs.


Autopathy is extraordinary in that it influences the internal intelligence of the organism, which arranges the hierarchy of recovery from the vital organs to the "less" important organs of the body. But it also intervenes in all spheres of the human being (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), which the common, especially the allopatic methods, cannot achieve.


The ingenuity of this method consists in the fact that with one's own diluted (potentiated) information to change our attitudes towards life, which removes or heals the harmful consequences of our actions and thoughts.