Is shampoo a basic acid or neutral

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Hello Casophaia!

As far as I know, alkaline hair care relates in particular to the scalp, because salts, other waste products etc. are deposited there overnight, which can be more easily dissolved using alkaline substances. There are also special alkaline shampoos in pharmacies with a slightly alkaline value of just over 7, the highest I have come across was 8.3. Alternatively, lava earth would be a possibility, because the mineral structure apparently dissolves the salts particularly well, but it causes some people to have dry or charged hair (add a thread for hair care). It also makes sense to brush the scalp extensively in the morning (!). However, alkaline hair care is only a small component in an overall concept of an alkaline diet / lifestyle, which means that instead of washing acid slag off your head, it is better to avoid consuming acidic foods and drinks (approach comes from holistic medicine, if you yourself interested in it: There are lists with acid / base-forming foods on the net).
The cuticle naturally has a slightly acidic (!!!) pH value of 5.5, which in my opinion must therefore be maintained (with acidic! Cleaning and care products). To cleanse, you have to / want to remove the sebum etc. from the scalp and possibly from the roots, but it is precisely the sebum that coats the hair, more precisely the cuticle layer and thus protects it (acid mantle). When you open it, the hair shaft is "naked" and the keratin that forms it is exposed to external influences (is damaged or destroyed not only by heat, but also by UV light, wind, etc.)
Hair breakage is a result of the natural pH value of the cuticle shifting upwards, because the cuticle has more and more defects (because the protective acid layer is gone!), At a pH value of 10.5 the hair automatically crumbles away, which causes it to break away explained by bleached hair: For each level lighter you apparently need an even higher pH value).
Another basic thought: You are probably a person from Central Europe or your ancestors, which is why you cannot compare your hair with Asian hair, these are much thicker and above all have more layers of scales, so they are much more robust than "European / white" hair "Hair.

Forget: The conditioners for the basic shampoos are acidic again!
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