What is supramolecular chemistry

Supramolecular Chemistry

Supramolecular chemistry deals with the association of molecules in superordinate molecular assemblies, the so-called suprastructures.

Supramolecular assemblies and aggregates - so-called supramolecules - are formed from different parts (usually molecules and ions that are also stable as individual parts) that are held together and structured by weak, non-covalent forces. The resulting superstructures have properties that are different or even different from those of the individual components.

In the formation of supramolecular associations, factors of self-organization or self-assembly as well as aspects of host-guest chemistry play a role.

A well-known example of a supramolecular structure is the double helix of DNA.

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General information and basics

Lecture notes and lecture materials

Special partial information

Self-organization processes
... of organic supramolecular compounds in bulk and in composite materials through structure elucidation with NMR crystallographic methods. Dissertation, (2014). University of Bayreuth

Supramolecular binding motifs
New Supramolecular Binding Motifs - Investigation of Non-Covalent Interactions in a Polar Environment. Dissertation Organic Chemistry, (2010). university Duisburg-Essen

Experiments, experiment instructions

Experimental introduction
... into supramolecular chemistry. This experimental approach is intended to give high school students an insight into supramolecular chemistry and explain the basic concepts (non-covalent interactions, host-guest chemistry, molecular self-organization). RWTH Aachen

Amphiphilic peptides
Applications in supramolecular chemistry and catalysis. Dissertation Bioorganic Chemistry, (2012). University of Basel

Macromolecules containing bipyridine
Self-organization and supramolecular structure formation of bipyridine-containing macromolecules. Dissertation, 1999. University of Stuttgart

Supramolecular Chemistry with Cyclodextrins. Dissertation chemistry, 2003. University of Mainz

Depsipeptide dendrimers
Supramolecular depsipeptide dendrimers. Dissertation, 2008. University of Erlangen

Supramolecular properties of chiral organometallic glucopyranosidatozirconate complexes. Dissertation Chemistry, (2009). University of Hamburg

Glucopyranosidato zirconate complexes
Supramolecular properties of chiral organometallic glucopyranosidatozirconate complexes. Dissertation Chemistry, 2009. University of Hamburg - Format: PDF

N-heterocyclic carbene ligands
Supramolecular N-heterocyclic carbene ligands: synthesis, characterization and application of transition metal-NHC-calix [4] arene complexes. Dissertation, 2006. Ulm University

Polymer and liquid crystal systems
Supramolecular structure formation of polymer and liquid crystal systems in nanoscale confinement. Dissertation, 2006. University of Marburg

Macrocycles as building blocks for supramolecular chemistry and as a platform for the synthesis of chiral host molecules. Dissertation, 2001. Bielefeld University

Script: Exotic Organic Compounds. Heidelberg University - Format: PDF

Triazole-based backbones
Novel triazole-based aromatic backbones for macromolecular and supramolecular chemistry. Dissertation Chemistry, (2009). HU Berlin - Format: PDF

Supramolecular chemistry with ammonia - structural chemistry of new ammonia-proton complexes. Dissertation, 2005. University of Regensburg

Journals, specialist journals

Journal of Supramolecular Chemistry
Discontinued in 2002. Elsevier

Supramolecular Chemistry
... publishes articles in the areas and sub-disciplines of supramolecular chemistry, from crown ethers to calixarenes, supramolecular model studies, modification and assembly of artificial DNA, inorganic-based systems and so on. Taylor & Francis, UK -

Institutes and research facilities

Professorship for Supramolecular Chemistry. Chemnitz University of Technology


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