How does Spiceworks make money

Set up and operate the Spiceworks Help Desk

When it comes to Spiceworks, IT professionals might think of the social network of the same name, which has existed since 2006 [1], or the free monitoring software of the same name. But now this web application also includes a help desk module that collects and manages support requests. In contrast to other large help desk solutions such as OTRS, setup and entry into Spiceworks are much faster.

However, the software can currently only be installed on Windows systems. Alternatively, the help desk is available in the form of a cloud service. This saves installation and maintenance, but in return all inquiries and answers end up in the Spiceworks computer farm. In addition, the cloud version is currently still missing numerous functions, which is why the focus below is on the Windows version. However, the operation is identical in both cases and takes place via the browser. Officially, Spiceworks only supports the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Although Spiceworks is under a proprietary license, you may also use the software for commercial purposes free of charge. Spiceworks Inc. makes money from advertising and selling support contracts. Advertising can be switched off for a monthly fee [2].

Dimension the system and install Spiceworks

Since users will later access the help desk using their browser, all you need to do is install the Windows version of Spiceworks on a central Windows system. Spiceworks 7.4, which was current at the time of going to press, runs on Windows Vista or higher. If you want to run the software on a Windows server, you have to use at least Server 2003 with SP1. Spiceworks also requires at least a Pentium 4 processor with 1.4 GHz and 4 GB of main memory. The following rule of thumb applies: The more people the help desk


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