How do you keep razors from rusting

Wet razor: With these 5 tricks, your razor will last MUCH longer

This not only strains your wallet, but also the environment.

We know five tips that are guaranteed to extend the life of your wet razor,

  1. Dry well! After using it, you should definitely dry the blade, otherwise there is a risk of rust. If you blow dry your hair anyway, simply blow your hair quickly over the blades. Otherwise, pat it dry with a towel. Plus: It's best not to keep your razor in the shower in the first place.
  2. Clean! Skin particles, shaving foam residues and the like accumulate after every shave. Not at all good for the durability of the blade. So: Clean the blades with alcohol (from the pharmacy).
  3. Oiling! You heard right! Wet the dry razor blade with baby oil. This protects them from bacterial contamination.
  4. Sharpen! There are two tips for this: Either you run the blade lightly over your arm after each shave. But it MUST be against the direction of shaving! This will re-open the tiny splinters of metal that would otherwise dull the blade. Or you can use an old pair of jeans. Pull across the fabric several times against the direction of shaving. Finished!
  5. Take care! That doesn't mean you have to shave less. (Although that would clearly increase the life of the razor.) No, you should make sure that your hair is softer and therefore less resistant to the razor. Take a hot shower for a few minutes before shaving and ideally use an exfoliator. Wash off well and then use shaving oil instead of foam or shower gel.