Is Billy Ray Cyrus really talented

Miley's father, Billy Ray Cyrus, attaches great importance to the musical education of his children.

Talented father figure

Singer and actress Miley Cyrus had an incredible career as a teenager. Years later, the now 22-year-old is still a sought-after performer. But your talent and ability don't come from anywhere.

Her father, Billy Ray, is also a celebrated musician. His international breakthrough came in 1992 with the single called “Achy Breaky Heart”.

AchyBreakyHeart - Billy Ray Cyrus
I'm watching "AchyBreakyHeart" by Billy Ray Cyrus

Big brother with a passion for rock music

In 2010 Trace Dempsey Cyrus made his musical debut with the band 'Metro Station'. Together with colleague Mason Musso, the summer hit “Shake It (Lyrics)” was created, which took the charts by storm. Only a short time later, the 26-year-old formed the group 'Ashland HIGH'.

Cyrus baby shows what she can do

Last but not least, there is 15-year-old Noah Cyrus, who is no less talented than her older siblings. Together with Billy Ray she has now proven that she has a lot to offer!

At a live performance in a coffee shop, Noah sang one of Daddy's hits. This also accompanied her on the acoustic guitar.