Why is Ubuntu so famous

LXLE, a lightweight distribution with the best of Ubuntu

Although it is becoming easier and easier to have a powerful computer, it is true that there are still many places in the world and many users who cannot update their devices as easily as large companies would like. Here Gnu / Linux has won the trust of many users. There are many distros that have been rated as light, but Only one meets among lovers of lightweight distributions, it's called LXLE.

LXLE is a distribution based on Ubuntu 14.04.4, the latest version of Ubuntu LTS, which is a stable and robust version. But this distribution has several custom settings This allows it to run smoothly on computers with few resources.

These configurations go through the heavier software change of the distribution for light software like the browser. The famous Mozilla Firefox has been replaced by Seamonkey. The desktop has changed too, using Lxde instead of Unity. Libreoffice is available, but in contrast to other installations in LXLE has been optimized so thatThe famous suite runs smoothly on any computer. In the latest version of LXLE is called ParadigmAll software has been updated and many bugs have been fixed to make this distribution more stable. The design and appearance are also elements that were done together with the selected software The new look restores the old Ubuntu look, with the top bar and the trash can icon.

LXLE uses the best possible software optimization in Ubuntu

As we can see on the LXLE wiki, the minimum equipment to get LXLE working is a Pentium 3 or equivalent and at least 512 MB RAM and 8 GB internal memory on our hard drive. Although our LXLE has this configuration, it's a bit fair. It is therefore recommended to have at least a Pentium 4 and 1 GB RAM memory. These specifications are more than possible for devices that are at least 10 years old. On the main web of LXLE we can find more information about the distribution and in this link we can download the installation image to perform an LXLE installation.

I personally believe that LXLE is a great light distribution and it's perfect for users who want to have Ubuntu but their computer doesn't match Ubuntu's performance or doesn't have enough power to install the original version of Ubuntu. What is more is more optimized than Lubuntu itselfHence the operation is really more than acceptable. Another option would be to install Ubuntu Server and install all packages manually, which is a bit more expensive Do not you think?