Which sports bring the most annual income?

Best paid athletes worldwide: These are the best paid athletes in 2020

Whether as a soccer star, basketball hero or American football player - professional athletes earn millions not only through their athletic achievements.

Sponsorship and advertising contracts also bring the prominent athletes high-value additional income. The richest among them are featured in Forbes' annual ranking of highest paid athletes.

In 2020, the top 100 top earners among athletes will collectively make a whopping $ 3.6 billion. Due to the current corona crisis, this value has decreased by nine percent compared to 2019. Because the sports world was also hit hard by the corona pandemic. Many competitions did not even take place, were canceled or only continued after longer breaks. The loss of TV money and the income from ticket sales meant that many clubs asked their highly paid athletes to forego part of their salaries. Thus, for the first time since 2016, there was a decline in the salaries of top athletes. Nevertheless, many of the athletes will generate considerable income this year as well.

The world's highest paid athletes 2020

Place 10:Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles - American Football (NFL)

American football player Carson Wentz is in tenth place among the best-paid athletes in 2020. After his contract extension with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2019, Carson Wentz earns approximately $ 55.1 million annually as the quarterback. He earns significantly more than the most famous quarterback of all time - Tom Brady, who after his move to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers earns 33 million dollars a year and is 21st in the Forbes ranking of the highest paid athletes in 2020.

In addition, Carson Wentz receives advertising income of around 4 million dollars, which is made up of sponsorship agreements with brands such as Nike, Amazon or Bose. Overall, the annual income of the quarterback is included$ 59.1 million.

9th place:Kirk cousins, Minnesota Vikings - American Football (NFL)

With Kirk Cousins, another American football player will make it into the top ten highest paid athletes in 2020. As quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, the American earns around 58 million US dollars a year - an absolute top figure in the National Football League (NFL). Kirk Cousin's sponsorship deals with Nike, Panini or Bose bring the NFL star an additional $ 2.5 million. His income this year is about$ 60.5 million.

8th place:Tiger Woods, Golf

The American Tiger Woods is considered one of the most successful professional golfers in history and is also a popular face in advertising. The income from winning prizes and sponsorship contracts earned him eighth place in the Forbes ranking of the best paid athletes in 2020. 2020 was a lucrative year for Tiger Woods, especially given its advertising revenue. He achieved income of 60 million US dollars from contracts with brands such as Nike, Rolex, Monster Energy and Bridgestone. In addition, he made $ 2.3 million from win awards. With income worth$ 62.3 million he is the highest paid professional golfer in 2020.

7th place:Kevin Durant, Brooklyn Nets - Basketball (NBA)

Kevin Durant is a professional basketball player and is currently under contract with the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA - his annual income puts him 7th in this year's Forbes ranking. The Brooklyn Nets pay the NBA star a whopping $ 28.9 million a year. Advertising partners such as Nike or Youtube provide additional income of $ 35 million. Overall, Kevin Durant will earn in 2020$ 63.9 million.

Rank 6:Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors - Basketball (NBA)

NBA player Stephen Curry placed 6th among the best-paid athletes in 2020 this year. The basketball star, who has been under contract with the Golden State Warriors since starting his professional career in 2009, receives an annual salary of $ 30.4 million. Profitable advertising deals - for example with sportswear manufacturer Under Armor or the US bank Chase - also bring Stephen Curry another 44 million dollars into the till every year. All in all, that means an annual income of around$ 74.4 million for the NBA star.

5th place:LeBron James, LA Lakers - Basketball (NBA)

5th place of the highest paid athletes in 2020 this year goes to professional basketball player LeBron James. The NBA star, who is under contract with the LA Lakers, receives a salary of $ 28.2 million annually. Sponsorship agreements with well-known brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, AT&T and Beats Electronics will generate additional income of 60 million US dollars for LeBron James this year. Added together, this results in annual income worth$ 88.2 million- no other basketball player deserves more.

4th place:Neymar Jr., Paris-Saint-Germain - Soccer (Ligue 1)

According to the Forbes 2020 ranking, soccer player Neymar Jr is in fourth place among the top earners among professional athletes. Neymar, who is under contract with the French first division club Paris-Saint-Germain, will receive around 70.5 million US dollars this year.

The Brazilian receives another 25 million dollars in income from advertising contracts with DAZN, Nike, Beats Electronics and Gilette. With an annual income of handsome$ 95.5 million, Neymar Jr. is one of the highest paid soccer players in the world. Only two other footballers earn more than him.

Place 3:Lionel Messi, FC Barcelona - soccer (La Liga)

The Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi made it into the top 3 of the highest paid athletes this year. The superstar of the Spanish football club FC Barcelona, ​​who recently attracted attention with changing headlines, is considered one of the best footballers of all time and is therefore not only an asset for his club, but also for numerous advertising partners. FC Barcelona rewards the football star's sporting achievements with a remarkable sum of 72 million US dollars annually. Lucrative advertising deals with companies such as Pepsi, MasterCard or the sporting goods supplier Adidas make Lionel Messi an additional 32 million dollars this year. All in all, the exceptional footballer takes$ 104 million in 2020 and therefore ranks third among the highest-paid athletes worldwide.

Place 2:Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus Turin - Soccer (Serie A)

No other footballer polarizes more than the Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. News recently reached the sports world that Ronaldo had been infected with the corona virus. This makes him the best-known football player to be infected with the virus. As a striker at the top Italian club Juventus Turin, Cristiano Ronaldo earns US $ 60 million annually.

His status as a superstar in the football industry also earned him a number of advertising deals. Ronaldo's around 240 million Instagram followers also give an idea of ​​the charisma the footballer has around the globe - that makes him interesting for many international companies. As the main face of the US sporting goods manufacturer Nike, as well as numerous other advertising deals, Cristiano Ronaldo earns another 45 million dollars. Together this results in an annual income of$ 105 million. He is therefore the top earner among footballers in 2020.

1st place:Roger Federer, Tennis

The Swiss tennis professional Roger Federer surprisingly landed first place this year. This makes him the first tennis player to top the list since Forbes began its ranking of highest paid athletes in 1990. In 2020, Federer will receive awards worth 6.3 million US dollars. Add to that a remarkable $ 100 million advertising revenue. The tennis star's advertising partners include companies such as Mercedes Benz, Credit Suisse, Rolex and Barilla. On the whole, Federer generated income of$ 106.3 million - absolute top value among athletes.

The world's highest paid athletes in 2020 in the table

placeSurnamecountryRevenue 2020
1.Roger FedererSwitzerland $ 106.3 million
2.Cristiano RonaldoPortugal $ 105 million
3.Lionel MessiArgentina $ 104 million
4.NeymarBrazil $ 95.5 million
5.LeBron JamesUnited States $ 88.2 million
6.Stephen CurryUnited States $ 74.4 million
7.Kevin DurantUnited States $ 63.9 million
8.Tiger WoodsUnited States $ 62.3 million
9.Kirk cousinsUnited States $ 60.5 million
10.Carson WentzUnited States $ 59.1 million
A total of $ 819.2 million
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