Do you smoke weed

Translation of "Rauchst du Gras" in English

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You go to parties smoke something grass, you experiment around.
You go to keggers, you smoke a little refer, you get a little wh ... you know, it's ...
Do you smoke sometimes grass?
Do you smoke Not? - But.
How many cigarettes Do you smoke during the day?
I didn't say anything about abortion, maybe you drink and Do you smoke just a lot.
Well, I'm not saying an abortion per se, but maybe you just drink and smoke a lot.
Popular apps cigarette counter how much Do you smoke really?
Popular Apps Cigarette Counterhow much do you smoke?
Maybe Do you smoke it itself.
In these stables Do you smoke no pipe!
Do you smoke one with me? - No thanks.
Want you smoke with me? -No, thanks. I'm fine.
Since when Do you smoke at school?
Why Do you smoke Not that tea, you climb into that freezer and pull off a hundred percent spooner.
Why don't you smoke that tea, climb into the freezer and pull a full on spooner.
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