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Restaurants at Barcelona Airport Terminal 1 (T1): Cafés, bars and restaurants at Barcelona Airport

The opening of the new T1 building at Barcelona Airport offers you a whole new range of options for eating and drinking during your stay. The choice is greater in T1 than in T2. This includes the addition of companies like McDonald's and the Basque tapas chain Lizarran.

Most of the options for a snack at Barcelona Airport T1 will only be visible once you have passed security and are in the departure area. There are only three cafeterias in front of the departure area, one of which is open for 24 hours. There are a total of three cafeterias at the airport that are open 24 hours, everything else is open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. This ensures that you can eat around the clock during your stay at the airport.

For more information on restaurants and cafes at Barcelona Airport Terminal 2 (T2), see the Barcelona Airport T2 Restaurants Guide.

On this page you will find a list of all the refreshment locations available at Barcelona Airport T1. This includes a brief description of the location and opening times.

Café de Fiore in the arrivals area

Restaurants and fast food chains in T1

Apetece - departure area (P1)

Offers food from around the world including Mexican, Chinese and Mediterranean dishes.

Opening times: 06:00 - 21:30

Asador del Mar (Monchos) - Departure area (P1)

Offers typical Catalan cuisine such as seafood, rice dishes and desserts.

Dehesa Santa Maria - Departure area (two on P1 and one on P3)

A tapas bar that prides itself on the processing of typical Iberian products. As the Iberian Peninsula is known for being the best region in Spain for jamon, the typical Spanish ham, a few delicacies should be waiting for you here! You will find three of these restaurants in T1.

Lizarran - Departures area (two on P1) and Arrivals area (one on P1)

A Basque-style tapas bar where delicacies are generally served on skewers and on a self-service basis. Eating is fun! You will find three of these restaurants in T1.

Opening times:
08:00 - 21:30 (departure area)
Open all day - 24 hours (arrival area)

McDonald's - Departure Area (one on P1 and two on P3)

No further explanation necessary! The world's most famous hamburger chain. You will find three of these restaurants in the new T1 building.

Opening times: 24 hours

Medas Beer - departure area (P1)

A bar that offers beer, tapas, sandwiches and rolls. The focus here is clearly and safely on the beer.

Medas Grill - Departure Area (P1)

A full-service café and restaurant. Traditional Mediterranean and international cuisine is served.

Mussol - departure area (P1)

A restaurant serving traditional Spanish cuisine. Different types of meat, vegetables, sausages and ham from the grill are served. Products from Catalan farms are processed.

Opening times: 12:00 noon - 11:30 pm

Pans and Company - Departure Area (two on P1)

A popular Spanish fast food chain that offers hot and cold sandwiches, french fries and soft drinks. Special meals are available. Two of these restaurants are in T1.

Quasi Queviures - Departure Area (P1)

A typical Catalan restaurant that offers rich dishes for hungry stomachs.

Bars and cafes at T1 of Barcelona Airport

Caffe di Fiore - Departures area (one on P1 and one on P3) and Arrivals area (P1)

A Mediterranean café that specializes in coffee. These are the largest coffee houses at the airport. They also offer sandwiches and snacks.

Opening times:
Arrivals area: 24 hours

Gambrinus - Departure Area (P1)

A beer bar that sells Cruzcampo draft beer.

Haagen Dazs - Departure area (P1)

The world-famous ice cream brand has a café. In addition to the famous ice cream, you can also order coffees, cakes, sandwiches and waffles.

Opening times: 07:00 - 23:00

Jamaica - Departures Area (P1) and Arrivals Area (P1)

A café that offers coffees from all over the world. There are two of these cafés in T1 - one of which is in the arrivals area.

At Barcelona Airport T1 you will find many and varied options for eating and drinking. If you allow enough time to go through security, your vacation can begin in the departure area.

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