What if Thor killed Thanos?

Why does Thanos keep Thor alive?

Thanos in the MCU is generally not portrayed as a dark villain, but rather a slightly different villain. At least he sees himself as a hero, even though a hero who has to work hard makes tough decisions that others lack the courage to do. Since his main goal is to rebalance the universe, he avoids killing people unless he feels he has no other choice. He just wants to save the dying universe by whatever means he sees fit.

In the scene on the Asgardian ship, he has just destroyed half of the Asgardians, with Thor weakened and Loki appearing. Thanos looks for Loki's stone by further announcing Thor. Then Loki tries to kill Thanos by letting Hulk out and later alone. Thanos killed Loki because he was his first undying loyalty to Thanos, but then immediately tried to kill Thanos. Because of this, Thanos kills Loki.

Thor didn't do anything like that and Maw has already locked him in a metallic bond. Thor was almost struck down in the struggle to save the Asgardians. In the first few scenes we saw Thanos pulling Thor like a rag doll on his head. Despite all of this, Thanos has no evidence that Thor would be a problem for his search. He felt no threat from Thor. So Thanos had no need to kill Thor, just ignore him.

Before Thanos left the ship, he used his power stone to blow up the ship and blow up the left ship in a disintegrated state. Thor would have disbanded with the ship. We'll see later that at the moment the blow wasn't enough to kill just Thor. But it would be a different story if the Guardians didn't help Thor.

You mentioned It's strange that the Power Stone would take over every piece of the ship except for a small area around Thor. . I think it was the dramatic expression of the stranded Thor who has lost everything and lies helpless in a ship that is about to be forgotten. This shows the viewer how helpless Thor was at the time and how powerful Thanos actually is. He is unlike any other villain that neither Thor nor Avengers have ever met.

You also mentioned does the power stone help Thor?The Power Stone blows up the ship around Thor, so Thanos goes and assumes Thor is dead, even though he's not ... Power Power couldn't help Thor. It was under the control of Thanos. We never see any connection between Thor and the power stone to work out this type of theory.

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Thanos may have wanted to kill even half of Odin's "sons" directly, according to his general philosophy of population control.


@jeffronicus I'm not sure about that. Maybe you are right, but I think Thanos has no intention of choosing and killing. he only wants to eliminate 50% randomly selected