The piping course is useful for chemical engineers

Chemical engineer

Hello dear colleagues,

Are there chemical engineers among you?

If so, what do you do for him on a daily basis. What career prospects do you have with a degree in ChemIng? What was the content of the course?

D.H.A.  πŸ“… 09.11.2018 16:29:54
Thanks for the funny story.
Jo here me.

Yes, what do you do all day ?! I am in production as the deputy operations manager. I take care of everything related to the process, quality, projects, cost optimization.

Others work in project engineering, maintenance, research ...

Career prospects ... 3 years ago, with around 15 applications, I had a job 2 weeks after graduation ... As it is today, there are various websites on which vacancies are offered ...

Course contents: various chemistry (ac, oc, pc) physics, math, thermodynamics, reaction engineering, thermal and mechanical process engineering, apparatus engineering, control engineering, process science, optimization ...

Module manuals help further
Teqnologist  πŸ“… 12.11.2018 18:12:54
I'm something like a chemistry engineer.
Most of the time, the chemistry engineer is offered the same positions as a process engineer. So far I have met chemical engineers in the following positions:

1. System manufacturer for special machines (packaging systems, tanks, silos, conveyor systems, filling machines, rectification collons, pipeline construction, etc.)

There in development, construction, project management with customer contact (validation, qualification, project management, commissioning engineer, after sales service) or in sales.

2. For manufacturers of consumer goods, pharmaceuticals or petro-industries

There is then the possibility in the area of ​​quality assurance (document junk), development (especially scale-up), application technology, qualification, validation, technical project management (design and purchase of systems, commissioning of systems), optimization of manufacturing processes

So there is a wide range of jobs that you can do.
Thanks for the answers, dear colleagues

Do you think there are positions where chemical engineers with chemists / technical
Chemists compete or are you considering switching from chemistry to chemistry
the chemistry bachelor's degree makes sense if you are more interested in technology (realization
and application) as interested in the natural sciences?
Teqnologist  πŸ“… 14.11.2018 07:13:22
Competition with technical chemists (FH) - yes.

With your chemists - sometimes.
Depends on the spot. In the case of a system manufacturer, engineers will almost always be preferred, and with the manufacturers they can also compete here and there. The broad mass of competition comes from the process engineering, mechanical engineering courses with a focus on process engineering, food technology, bioprocess engineering, pharmaceutical engineering.

I have a work colleague who has made such a change. Bachelor in chemistry and master in environmental process engineering.
In any case, he has not regretted the move.

do you know more about the change of your colleague, for example whether he has lost time or otherwise had difficulties. What job does your colleague do today?

When changing, it always depends on how the courses are structured at the individual universities. There's chemieing. Courses which are more chemically oriented and which are more technically oriented

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