Why do you love Harry Potter

Another Harry Potter fanfic because I'm totally obsessed. It's about Ron and Hermione. It's just a short story though and takes place in Rons, Hermione and Harry's last year. The Weasley brothers George and Fred have a guest appearance as visitors, as does Viktor Krum.

I hope you like it. (Reviews and comments are always welcome) Have fun with it.

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“What are you writing about?” Ron looked at Hermione as if he'd been caught doing something. "N ... Nothing!" He quickly put something in his pocket. "I don't know what that has to do with you either," he threw at her sloppily. "It's okay," she said in the same tone and brushed her hair back.
Sometimes Ron could be unbearable. She had gotten used to it by now. But he was acting weird lately, especially. Well, ... He was always acting weird, but now he was acting even more weird.
He was always dragging such a strange book around with him and writing in it. And every time she asked him about it or she wanted to take a closer look at it, he quickly put it away and pimped at her. He also avoided being around her all the time. Even if he denied it, she knew it was.
Hermione sighed. Somehow she had the feeling that he was getting further and further away from her and it was driving her crazy that she didn't know why.
She had always had a different relationship with Ron than with Harry. She knew Harry was just a friend to her. But what about Ron? Of course ... Ron was a friend too, but sometimes ... sometimes there was something else too. She couldn't explain it, but it was there. Very often, in fact.
Often she just wanted to be with Ron, but ... for about 2 years ... about since he was 15 years old, he pushed her away and that hurt her very much. She felt hurt, but how could she tell him that. And as if that weren't enough, Hermione's acquaintance with Viktor Krum made things even worse.
Viktor had met her 3 years ago at the Triwizard Tournament and since then they have been writing letters to each other. Every time she even mentioned his name, there was an argument with Ron. She didn't know why, but it was true.
At that very moment a whole flock of owls fluttered through the great hall, dropping their letters and parcels. One fell right in front of Hermione. She looked at the sender. It was from Viktor. Ron looked at her confused. “Who is it from?” Hermione wondered for a moment if she should really answer that question. "Don't you know," she said curtly. Ron swallowed. “It's HIM, isn't it?” Hermione winced. Ron sounded sad and angry at the same time. “Who do you mean?” “I mean your FAVORITE Krum.” Hermione tried to stay as calm as possible. "He's not my darling ... I would like to know what you have against him." "He pronounces your name incorrectly, for example." Hermione looked at him confused. "Is that all?" "No ... Besides, VICKY is a stupid asshole." Harry snorted into his food. “Ron.” Hermione glared at him. "He's not ... He's also called Victor." Ron jumped up angrily. "AND I'M RONALD, DAMN IT AGAIN!" Hermione looked at him in amazement. “What?” Ron looked down, but she knew he was very angry. And without saying another word, he left. But when he passed Draco, he turned around. "Don't worry, Weasley. I can call you Ronald," he said in a mock sweet voice and began to laugh. At the same moment Ron reached out and hit him on the back of the head. “What's that, you idiot?” “Shut up, Malfoy,” he said and left.

"Harry?" Harry looked up. Hermione stood in front of him. “Yes?” Hermione sat across from him in one of the red armchairs in the Gryffindor room. “I need to talk to you.” Harry closed his book. "Yes?" “What's wrong with Ron?” “What do you mean?” Hermione looked at him angrily. "You know what I mean ..... He has been keeping a distance from me for two years, especially this year ..... No matter what I say, there will be an argument ..... and say not, I'm just making it up. ”Harry sighed. "No, you don't ..... It is like that, but ....." Harry shook his head. "..... I have no idea why, honestly! ... He doesn't even talk to me about it ...... I just know that something is bothering him because I can tell by his behavior. But he does talk It's been a long time since I talked about such things. "
Harry looked at her interested now. “Was the package really from Krum?” Hermione nodded. "What is he writing?" She took a deep breath. “He wants to come to visit… over Christmas.” Harry looked at her uncertainly. “Is that such a good idea?” Hermione shook her head. "But what does it change? .... Should I always follow Ron's whims? ..... I have a life of my own, Harry! ... Even if I would like Ron to have a bigger place in it, like you ... there is no other way. "Harry nodded. "What else did Viktor send you?" “A dress.” “Aha.” Harry sighed. "You should definitely let Ron know ... or should I do that?" Hermione looked up. “Would you do that?” Harry nodded. "Thanks."

Harry walked slowly up the steps to his dormitory and opened the door. Ron was sitting on the bed writing in that book again, but when he saw Harry he put it away. Harry looked around. Except for them there was nobody. Harry closed the door. “Ron, we need to talk.” “Yes?” “Why are you treating Hermione like that?” Ron looked at him, startled. "What? What do you mean?" "Don't play silly, Ron," he said annoyed, throwing himself on his bed. Suddenly he looked at Ron in amazement. "Just say you really don't know what I'm talking about." Ron nodded. "Oh ..." Harry took a deep breath. "O.K. Listen to me first before you say anything, will you?" Ron nodded. "Hermione was just talking to me ... about you." "What did she say?" "Don't talk. Listen, Ron!" "Sorry." Harry continued. “She has the feeling that you are distancing yourself from her… and in all honesty… She is right.” “But…” “Listen, Ron!” Ron nodded. "You're acting strange towards her .... you argue with her ... you avoid her .... and not only that .... you are always dragging this book around with you," he said and tore it already out of Ron's drawer. "NO," shouted Ron, trying to reach for it, but Harry had already opened it. On the exposed side was a pencil drawing. It showed a sleeping Hermione. "Ron? .... Did you draw that?" Ron picked up the book again and nodded. “Yes I did!” Harry looked at him, impressed. "Ron, this is fantastic. I didn't even know you could do that .... The picture is beautiful." Ron shook his head. "A picture is only as beautiful as the original .... I didn't draw Hermione as beautifully ... she IS so beautiful." Harry smiled at him. “Do you love her?” Ron looked at the floor. "It doesn't matter ... Because Hermione is unreachable ... whether I wanted her or not." Harry sat down next to him on the bed. “When is the picture from?” Ron smiled. "Last Wednesday ... Hermione had studied the whole time and fell asleep in the chair." Ron threw himself on the bed and sighed. “What does Krum have that I don't have?” Harry lay down next to him. He thought. Many things occurred to him that Krum had and Ron didn't. However, Ron also had a lot that Krum did not have. He took a deep breath. "Who knows ... But be a little nicer to Hermione in the future, Ron ... Because you hurt her a lot with your distance!" Ron nodded. "I'll try." "By the way ... don't get upset, but ... the package was really from Krum." “Well?” “He's coming to see Hermione over Christmas.” Ron felt anger rise in him. "Damn Krum." "I know, anyway ... hold back in time, okay?" Ron nodded. "Okay."

One week later....

Ron and Hermione hadn't spoken to each other for a week, except for some polite small talk, such as the weather. Ron had been polite the whole time. And Hermione just called him Ronald since their argument.
But today Ron wasn't sure anymore whether he could control himself. Because today was the day of Krum's arrival.
Ron sighed. - Take it easy, Ron. You can do it. - he thought and went slowly down the stairs. Then she stood downstairs in the common room. Hermione. Ron felt like his heart stopped.
She wore a light blue, short pinafore dress with a slit in the legs and a slightly larger neckline than usual. The hem of the dress and the chest part were trimmed with ruffles. Her hair was pinned up, except for a few strands that hung SO down. She brushed one of these strands from her face and turned around. When she saw Ron, she smiled. “Hello, Ronald.” Now he smiled too, even if he didn't really like her calling him Ronald. "You look pretty ... that looks good on you." “Thank you ... Viktor gave it to me.” Hermione had only whispered the last sentence, but Ron had heard it loud and clear. -I'm gonna have bile in a moment. What a show-off. -, he thought.
"How nice," he choked out when Hermione suddenly looked at her watch. "Viktor should be arriving right now ... I'd best wait for him downstairs at the gate." Ron swallowed. “I'll come with you.” Hermione looked confused, but nodded.
They both went downstairs and waited at the large, heavy entrance gate. Ron looked at Hermione. The wind blew through her hair. So Ron found her even prettier than she already was.
Suddenly Ron noticed Hermione rubbing her arms. He took off his jacket and slung it over Hermione's shoulders, when Hermione looked up in surprise. “Ron ...?” Ron smiled. There it was again. The old, trusted Ron ... not Ronald. He let his arms hang down loosely and leaned casually against the wall. "It's fresh today ... keep it on until he comes ... otherwise you'll catch a cold." Hermione nodded. It had been a simple gesture, but it meant a lot to Hermione. Nobody had ever done anything like this for her and least of all she had expected it to come from Ron. She smiled at him. “Thank you.” “No problem.” Hermione moved to stand next to Ron and now leaned into one too. Somehow she wanted to be around Ron's now. She didn't know why, but suddenly, as if drawn to something, she let her hand slide over the wall next to her. Until she felt Ron's knuckles. Ron winced and felt himself blush. He found it pleasant. Even if his heart was beating so fast and he felt like he was going to lose his mind, it was so nice. Ron stroked Hermione's knuckles again. Then he took Hermione's hand in his. At first nothing happened. But then Hermione replied and held Ron's hand tightly.

For a long time they just stood there holding hands. Every now and then, Ron gently ran his thumb over her hand. Hermione wanted to never let go of him. She looked at him.
"Ron, I ..." "Herrminne." "Viktor." Viktor Krum stood in front of her and smiled at her. She felt Ron suddenly let go of her hand and she felt a sting in her heart. She felt like she had lost something.
"Herrminne, how nice to see you," said Viktor and already hugged her warmly. Hermione wanted to break out of his embrace, she felt so uncomfortable. She wished that he would go again. But now it was too late. He was here and there was nothing that could be done about it.
"I'll go then," said Ron, and left. Hermione wanted to run after him to stop him ... to tell him not to go, but she didn't. She didn't know why, but she just couldn't.
Ron waited until he couldn't see them anymore, then started running. He ran as fast as he could up the stairs to the Gryffindor Tower.
"MERLIN," he yelled at the fat lady. As soon as this had opened, he stormed past the perplexed Harry and kicked the table with full force, causing it to fall over. Harry jumped up indignantly. "Tell me, are you crazy? What ...?" Harry paused. Ron sat on the floor and pulled his knees up. "Damn! .... I should have done something ..... Something!" He began to cry desperately and took his head in his hands. "Damn it ... he's going to take her away from me." Harry didn't know what to say. He sat down next to Ron. "It'll be all right, Ron ... you'll see." It was the only thing Harry could think of, but he was sure none of these words would comfort Ron.

Next day.....

“Sir, are you all right?” Hermione looked up. "Yes, it's just ....." "Just what?" "Never mind .... It's nothing .. Would you like some fruit?" She asked, pointing to a glass bowl on the table that was with Fruit was filled. Viktor shook his head. "No ... unwrap my present." Hermione nodded and walked over to the Christmas tree, which was in the Gryffindor common room. Hermione picked up four presents and sat down at Krum again. "It's from me," he said, indicating a long, small package. Hermione unwrapped it. It was a small gold bracelet. “It's nice.” Krum took it out and put it around Hermione's wrist. “Thank you.” Hermione took the second present. It was from Harry. She carefully unwrapped it. It was a leather-bound book on which was written in gold: ´Witch in antiquity´. Slowly she put it down and took the third present. It was a small present and the card only said, "For Hermione from Ron." As she unwrapped it, a small hair clip came out. It was round and light blue with dark blue Celtic symbols on it. Now she took the last present. It was a big part. She opened the lid cautiously when a rolled up parchment fell out. Hermione picked it up and unrolled it. Her breath caught. It was a charcoal drawing by her. It showed a laughing Hermione brushing a strand from her face. Hermione was petrified. It was a beautiful picture, but who was it from? "Who is it from?" She asked Krum. He looked, but found nothing and shrugged his shoulders. "Don't know, Herrminne ..... But no wonder. With such a cheap gift, I wouldn't write my name either." Hermione carefully stroked the drawing. “Herrminne?” She couldn't imagine who it could be from.
Suddenly Viktor started kissing her neck. "Viktor ..... what?" "I love you, Herrminne." "What ...?" He pulled her over to him. "Let go of me, Viktor ... I don't want that," she said when he was kissing her too. She wanted to push him away, but couldn't when Viktor was suddenly torn away. "What ...?" "SHE SAID YOU DON'T WANT THAT!" Hermione looked up. Ron had grabbed Viktor by the collar and hit him in the face with full force, so that he fell to the ground. Viktor touched his bleeding nose. “DAMN, YOU BREAKED MY NOSE!” “Get out of here!” “Why should I?” Ron grabbed the glass bowl from the table. "I SAY: OUT OF HERE!" He shouted and threw the bowl against the wall so that it broke into a thousand pieces.
Viktor jumped up furiously. “You will regret that, I swear to you.” “If you ever touch Hermione THAT way again, YOU will regret it!” Viktor left the common room angrily.
Hermione stared at Ron. What was that? He had never done anything like this before. "Thanks ..." "Don't worry ..." Hermione looked at the wall. "The broken pieces," she said, jumping up and starting to pick up the broken pieces.
Ron crouched down next to her and helped her pick up the broken pieces. "Ron ... I ... thank you, but ... you didn't have to break his nose." Ron let the broken pieces fall into his hand. "What? ... Hermione ... he touched you even though you didn't want to." "He ... he didn't mean it that way ... He said he loved me and ... . "" AS PLEASE? ..... I'M NOT HEARING CORRECTLY! "Ron jumped up indignantly. "MEANS EVERYONE WHO LOVES YOU HAS THE RIGHT TO PALL ON YOU!" "That ... I didn't say that, Ron ... I ... AUA!" “Oh god, Hermione.” Hermione had cut herself on a shard, causing the inside of her hand to bleed. “It's not that bad.” “It is.” Ron took a handkerchief from his pocket and covered Hermione's hand with it. “So better?” Hermione nodded.
There it was again ... That feeling from yesterday. Her heart was beating to her throat. "Ron ...?" Ron looked at Hermione. He didn't know why, but as if drawn to something, he stroked her cheek. "Hermione ... I ..." His face came closer to hers and he could feel her breath on his skin.
"HELLO!" Ron jumped away from Hermione with a jerk. The two Weasley twins, Fred and George, who had just walked in, looked at them both in amusement. Hermione's face went fiery red and Ron looked at the floor."Oh, oh ..." "Are we ..." "... at the wrong time ..." "... in the wrong place ..." "... burst in?" "I think .. . "" ... we're going again! "" Right. Because we want ... "" ... don't bother you. "" Have fun, "they both said at the same time and disappeared again.
Ron shrugged embarrassed. "Well ..." He carefully picked up the remaining pieces and threw them in the trash can. "I'll go then." "Ron?" "Yes?"
Hermione had so much to say to him, but she didn't know how. She looked at the ground again. "Nothing ..." Ron nodded disappointed and left the room. Hermione watched him go. ".....I think I love you."

Two days later....

“Hey Wesley.” Ron turned around as he was knocked to the ground as well. "What ...?" Viktor Krum stood in front of him. "Stop walking around Hermione ..." Ron washed his hand over his bleeding lip. "1. Doesn't it give a damn who I mess with, even if it's Hermione and 2. My name is Weasley," he said, jumping up as he threw Krum to the ground and started beating him. Krum did the same. "´No brawl!" Yelled a Slytherin and suddenly they were surrounded by a crowd of students. Some cheered them on, some tried to stop them. Ron got the upper hand and suddenly he did something without thinking about it. He took out his wand and pointed it at Krum. “RELASHIO!” A stream of sparks shot out of his wand, but Krum dodged cleverly. "REDUCTIO," he yelled.
The curse hit Ron with full force and he was thrown into a tree. Ron felt pain rise in himself and his eyes went black. The last thing he saw was McGonagall running towards him ...

1 hour later....

“Where is it?” Hermione searched under her bed, but there was nothing there. She had been desperately searching for her Potions book for over an hour. “It can't be!” She was thinking when it suddenly occurred to her. “RON.” Ron had borrowed it two weeks ago on detention for Snape.
She went to the boys' bedrooms and knocked on Ron's and Harry's dorms. Nobody answered. She opened the door carefully and looked around. There was no one there. - Then I'll just get it, - she thought and went over to Ron's bedside table. She opened the drawer cautiously when something suddenly fell right in front of Hermione's feet. "What ...?" She crouched in front of the cabinet. That something was a book ... and apparently Ron had tucked it under the drawer. Carefully she picked it up and recognized it as the book that Ron always wrote. She took a closer look. It was a leather-bound book with gold corners. Slowly she opened it and began to read.

1. September 1991.
I met Harry Potter today and a totally annoying girl named Hermione
Granger. She always knows everything. It's frustrating

She turned the pages.

´31. October 1991.
I accidentally hurt Hermione. She cried her eyes because of it, in
a girls toilet. A troll was let into the castle. He almost killed her, were
we have not been. '

´23. December 1991.
Hermione is going home for Christmas. Thank God .... Then she doesn't annoy us. '

Hermione read on. She always skipped some entries.

1. September 1992.
We had class with Professor Gilderoy Lockhart for the first time today. A handsome boy
and he is the show-off, nothing else. Ask me how he got the title of professor.
All the girls adore him, including Hermione. I really can't understand where they are
but otherwise always so smart and not falling for anything.´
Hermione started smiling.

´30. October 1992.
Today Draco became the seeker of Slytherin. He showed off his super broom. Hermione had
then corrected him, but he called them Mudblood. Something mean. she saw
so hurt looking. I have - or rather - I wanted to put a curse on him like that
I was angry. But later it was I who spat snails, not him. Hagrid has it
then comforted. I couldn't do anything. '

´5. November 1992.
Today Mrs. Norris, Filch's cat, was petrified.
Hermione, Harry and I found her.
Then the other students came. Malfoy, that idiot, yelled: Mudbloods you'll get your turn. As if Hermione wasn't scared enough already. She stood there and turned very pale. I think she was scared. I wanted to comfort her. But again I didn't know how

´6. November 1992.
McGonagall told us that there is supposed to be a monster living in the Chamber of Secrets, that
kills all muggleborns. Hermione came up with the idea of ​​brewing the large juice drink in order to
find out if Malfoy is the heir to Slytherin. You have to give her a good idea.´

´22. December 1992.
Hermione has been petrified. And I can't help her ... I feel so bad ...
I visit her every day ... But what if she never wakes up? ´

Hermione glanced at the pages, confused. There were not only entries in the book, but also pictures. Charcoal drawings. They looked like the picture she got for Christmas. So it was from Ron. She didn't even know that he could draw like that. She read on.

´31. June 1993.
Hermione is doing better thanks to the mandrake juice. Tonight she was back at the
Dinner with it. Harry hugged her, not me. In retrospect, I think I would have it
like to hug, but at that moment it was kind of ... well scary.´

´30. July 1993.
Today Hermione arrived in Diagon Alley. We all stay at the dripping
Cauldron because Sirius Black, a violent Death Eater, broke out. You should be at first
sleep me, but Mum was against it. That's why she slept in Ginny's room

´31. July 1993.
Hermione bought a pet today. Such a nasty cat named Crookshanks. She chases after poor Scabies all the time. He's not doing well anyway.´

8th. September 1993.
Scabies is gone. I suspect Hermione's cat ate him. I'm so mad at Hermione. '

´30. October 1993.
Scabies has reappeared. At first I was still mad at Hermione. But then
from the hill we saw the executioner who was supposed to kill Buckbeak. We heard
the ax hit the ground and suddenly a startled flock of ravens rose up.
Hermione started crying and clung to me. I felt her whole body trembling. Even if it sounds crazy, but ... at that moment I felt as if the world had ended.´
She turned the pages again. Suddenly she noticed Viktor's name. She began to read with interest.

´5. September 1994.
Hermione shows interest in Viktor Krum, the representative of the Durmstrang school. Can I
do not understand, that .... that is the ENEMY.´

´30. October 1994.
There will be a Christmas ball at Christmas. I think I'll ask Hermione.
Maybe ... maybe I can tell her there.´

´13. November 1994.
Hermione put me down, so to speak. She says she already has an appointment. '

´25. November 1994.
I still haven't found out who Hermione is going to the ball with. It's definitely not a Slytherin or a Hufflepuff, I already know that. '

´24. December 1994.
Hermione went to the ball with Viktor Krum. The guy is so sore. Every time he says Herrminne instead of Hermione. I would love to write her name on a piece of paper and stuff it down his throat.´

Hermione looked at the clock. It was half past six. There would be dinner soon. Actually, she should put the book down. Because it seemed to be a kind of diary for Ron. She felt an uneasy feeling rise in her. But she had already read over half of it. She wanted to put it down, but her curiosity was greater. - I am sorry. I can't help it. - she thought and opened it again.

´5. October 1995.
It hurts to be around Hermione. She doesn't really pay any attention to me. It hurts me terribly. I think if I don't move away from her, she will probably hurt me again and again, even if she doesn't do it on purpose. '

"What?" Hermione looked sadly to the side. You hurt him? But how? She couldn't imagine what she should have done.
And was that why he moved away from her? Didn't he understand that it hurt YOU? When he was near her did it hurt and when he moved away from her, did it hurt her? What was it all about?
Hermione read on. Again and again she read that she was going to hurt him. Suddenly she stopped. On the opened page there was an entry from December 23, 1997. That is, from three days ago. The day Krum arrived.

´23. December 1997.
Hermione did something very strange today. I don't know if it was on purpose or just an accident. But she touched my knuckles several times. It was a nice feeling. It seemed like my heart was beating so loud that she could hear it. I couldn't get a clear thought, everything was confused in my head. And suddenly - I didn't know why - I took Hermione's hand and Hermione clutched mine. Time seemed to stand still, or so it seemed to me. But then Krum came and I let go of her hand. I ran away and she didn't even stop me. I felt so miserable. He'll take her away from me. I have to do something. '

´24. December 1997.
That damned Krum. He touched Hermione even though she didn't want to. I was so mad that I hit him. Broke his nose. Serves him right.
But Hermione apparently disagreed. We argued. But then....
then I almost got closer to Hermione, but only almost. Because on that day, of all times, my older brothers Fred and George wanted to visit me and burst right in the middle.
I could have killed her for it. I was so embarrassed about the situation that I wanted to leave. But Hermione called me back. I thought SHE would say it. That what I'm on
for six years waiting for what I would give anything ..... what I go through hell for
would. I hoped the words that I found so difficult to pronounce would come from her lips. I clung to EVERYTHING to it. But she said it was nothing. I felt
me terrible. But HOW should she know? Wasn't it me who treated you like a pain in the ass for years? Wasn't it me who kept throwing nastiness at her head?
Yes ... it's my own fault. I took it from myself. I was such an idiot.
Maybe it's too late now. Too late to tell her that I .... ´

Hermione had reached the bottom of the page. She was about to turn the page when suddenly Ron came in. “Hermione?” He looked at her in shock. "What are you doing with my book?" "I ..." Only then did Hermione notice Ron's injured lip. "Oh my god, Ron. What happened?" "Beat me up with Krum. Got a slight concussion. Nothing serious. Why do you have my book?" "What?" "My book." He pointed to the book, that Hermione was still in her hands. "That? ... Oh, God. I ... I was looking for my Potions book ... and ... and found this." “Did you read it?” “What?” Ron looked seriously at Hermione. “Do you?” Hermione nodded. “I'm sorry.” “Did you read it all?” She shook her head. "When ... when you came in ..... I stopped ... on December 24th." She swallowed. "Ron?" “Yes?” “May I ask you something?” Ron nodded. It was too late now anyway. She had read almost everything. “What do you mean by that?” “With what?” She began to read. "Maybe ..." her voice was trembling. "... maybe it's too late now ... too late to tell her that I ..." She paused. “That you what?” Ron took a deep breath. "Turn the pages and read. Then you know." Hermione didn't know why, but something inside was afraid of it. "I ... I can't." She started to cry as Ron gently took the book from her hand. "Too late to tell her that I ..."

He turned the page slowly and continued reading. ".... she love ... with every fiber of my heart ..... I love her with so much of my heart that nothing is left of it .... she makes my heart beat faster .... and when she is sad, the world ends for me ... She is so beautiful .... that one breathes still as soon as you see her ..... When I am near her, I cannot clear one Forming thoughts .... Every night it robs me of my sleep .... because even in my dreams it is there .... I would do anything for her .... I would die for her, I love her so much ..... I never thought that I could feel this way for someone .... but every day I love her more ... I will always love her ... No matter what. "

He carefully closed the book. "That's it ... That was the last entry." Hermione was still crying. "Is that true?" "What?" "What did you write?" Ron nodded when Hermione fell on his neck and laughed. “You idiot… I love you too.” “And what about Krum?” “Nothing at all… I've always only loved you.” Ron hugged her tighter. “I love you, Hermione.” She kissed him gently as Ron put his hands on her hips. "Then never let go of me," she said and kissed him again. I promise it."


Info: I have only listed the most important Ron / Hermione dates, otherwise it would have been too much. But I have the best things.
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